Street Fighter League Replacements

Street Fighter League-US Season 3 officially starts October 8th. 2020 has been an… unconventional season for the FGC, and we’re still rolling with the punches. Due to the ongoing global pandemic and current travel restrictions, our competitors from the United Kingdom and Norway will not be able to take part in Street Fighter League’s third […]

iDom: From Laura Loyalist to Poison Prodigy

Derek “iDom” Ruffin is one of competitive Street Fighter’s greatest Cinderella stories. Forged in the fires of New York’s famously strong talent pool, iDom transformed from a heartbroken newbie to Capcom Cup champion, shocking fans worldwide in a tear-jerking victory that rocked the fighting game scene to its core. Who is iDom? While he may […]

Introducing Team Dynamite

Also making their way into the fray is Team Dynamite. Headed by Problem X, UK’s strongest SFV:CE contender. This group is loaded with two other huge names in the Capcom Pro Tour rankings: NuckleDu and Smug, making for a seriously dangerous team with no qualms about knocking heads in the Street Fighter League’s third season. […]

NASR Joins Street Fighter League Pro-US 2020

Captained by the one and only Big Bird, Team NASR brings some of the UAE’s best talent into the fray, alongside another surprising face. Comprised of notable Zeku main Angrybird and Street Fighter League returnee Samurai, this squad boasts both experienced SFL contenders and some of the CPT’s best talent in a single group. AngrybirdAmjad […]

Introducing Team All-In

The king of Capcom Cup 2019 is back, this time with two Street Fighter killers by his side. Leading a team comprised of Norwegian Necalli main Phenom and muscle man 801 Strider, iDom’s group is prepared to take on anything that comes their way with the CPT’s strongest Street Fighter V player as their leader. […]

Introducing Team Alpha 3

The one and only Punk “the Alpha” makes his reappearance Street Fighter League as a captain once more, this time piloting a team of fellow young pros in CJ Truth and Nephew. Both returning players to the League, this group comes with valuable experience in the team-based competition and ample “young man reactions” as some […]

Introducing Team Psycho Shinobi

With great Psycho Power comes an equally great team of top fighting game pros. Noted M. Bison main HotDog29 commands one of the Street Fighter League’s standout teams in season three, comprised of the UK’s stone-cold Infexious and Razer’s very own Xian. With these formidable competitors on a single squad, fans can bet that they’ll […]

UYU Joins Street Fighter League Pro-US 2020

Team ProfileSeason three of the Street Fighter League is ready to kick off, bringing with it six teams of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition’s best players to duke it out for the crown. Captained by some of the Capcom Pro Tour’s top-tier talent, these groups are stacked with killers in a competition that promises to […]

2020 Street Fighter League Captains Announcement

Season Three of the Street Fighter League is finally here! After an explosive finish to the 2019 Capcom Pro Tour, the competition is ready to kick off once again between some of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition’s top-tier talent.  This season, the Street Fighter League brings four (six) captains with serious credentials from past Pro […]

Team Psycho’s ElChakotay: The SFL Challenger’s Drive to Become a Solo Superstar

R. Mika main Chakotay “ElChakotay” Andrich is primed for a breakout in SFVAE.