Introducing Team All-In

The king of Capcom Cup 2019 is back, this time with two Street Fighter killers by his side. Leading a team comprised of Norwegian Necalli main Phenom and muscle man 801 Strider, iDom’s group is prepared to take on anything that comes their way with the CPT’s strongest Street Fighter V player as their leader.

Arman “Phenom” Hanjani makes his first appearance in the Street Fighter League all the way from Norway. As one of the CPT’s strongest Necalli players, he’s been competing in the tournament series since its inception in 2014, where he produced incredible results early on in his competitive career.

While he boasted an impressive beginning season, Hanjani turned heads worldwide after taking second place the Eleague Street Fighter V Invitational in 2017 against the one and only Victor “Punk” Woodley during his indomitable heyday. Having gone head-to-head with such a massive opponent for a huge chunk of change, Phenom’s already popular status as a pro player grew, especially considering his use of newcomer Necalli.

However, Phenom has since picked up other characters for SFV, including Karin and Guile. Boasting a firm arsenal of fighters at his disposal, this young fighting game pro shouldn’t be counted out — especially considering his 10th place spot in the CPT’s 2019 global rankings.

801 Strider
Gustavo “801 Strider” Romero knows exactly how much discipline it takes to see results, both inside and outside of the game. As a professional Street Fighter player and fitness enthusiast, this competitor is a formidable force of nature in more ways than one, as evidenced by his hard-fought musculature and his impressive fighitng game skills.

Much like Phenom, 801 Strider boasts a hallowed history in competitive Street Fighter, having participated in the CPT since 2014. Hailed for using Street Fighter IV newcomer Abel, the pro used the MMA amnesiac to score 25th place at Capcom Cup 2015, solidifying his strength in CPT history in a huge way. Upon the release of Street Fighter V, Romero opted for another grappler in Laura Matsuda, seeing equally successful results during his 2017 season — even going on to finish 13th in that year’s Capcom Cup.

Now, the player has picked up G, using the new character as his primary with Laura in his pocket. Boasting a strong duo of fighters at his disposal, it’s not a stretch to say that Team iDom comes as quite the domineering threat as the Street Fighter League enters its third season.