Introducing Team Alpha 3

The one and only Punk “the Alpha” makes his reappearance Street Fighter League as a captain once more, this time piloting a team of fellow young pros in CJ Truth and Nephew. Both returning players to the League, this group comes with valuable experience in the team-based competition and ample “young man reactions” as some of SFV’s brightest upcoming talent.

CJ Truth
Chris “CJ Truth” Jayson is one of the youngest players to grace competitive Street Fighter, but he didn’t start his journey with SFV: The pro began his competitive career in the 2014 Capcom Pro Tour at CEO, where he scored a shocking 9th place finish in the event’s Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament. Landing just outside the Top 8 bracket, Jayson would make a grand comeback years later in a huge way that fans didn’t anticipate.

He returned to the CPT in 2017 using Cammy, scoring a slew of top placements at Dreamhack Austin, CEO, Defend the North, and even Puerto Rico’s First Attack. That wasn’t his most impressive year, either; the young pro went on to experience his breakout season in 2018, taking second place at First Attack and winning the Red Bull North American Regional Finals against Tokido himself, scoring an undisputed place in Capcom Cup in the process.

Since then, CJ Truth has become a household name in competitive Street Fighter, even making his way to the Street Fighter League in 2019 on Team Spirit. With both Karin and Cammy in his arsenal, this player is ready for anything this season throws his way — including his former teammates.

Returning to the Street Fighter League from Pittsburgh, PA, Alan “Nephew” Sun is one of the Capcom Pro Tour’s finest Kolin players. Making his Capcom Pro Tour debut in 2017, Nephew wowed fans with a breakout season in 2018, making a name for himself in relatively short time with one of the series’ newest characters.

Alan’s rip-roaring 2018 season saw him take multiple top placements in tournaments throughout the CPT, most notably at Summer Jam, Dreamhack Montreal, and the Red Bull North American Regional Finals, where he finished at 7th place in the Open Premier. His achievements even ranked him at the top of the competitive standings that year — a huge development for the burgeoning player, who was already seeing massive success thanks to his talents with a character not many pros used, at the time.

Now, he fights with World President G and Kolin interchangably, boasting two characters for the third season of the Street Fighter League. Having already competed on Team Frost in season one, Nephew is no stranger to the League’s team format, coming prepared with an array of fighters and ample experience to knock some heads.