UYU Joins Street Fighter League Pro-US 2020

Team Profile
Season three of the Street Fighter League is ready to kick off, bringing with it six teams of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition’s best players to duke it out for the crown. Captained by some of the Capcom Pro Tour’s top-tier talent, these groups are stacked with killers in a competition that promises to bring out fierce battles between fighters from across the globe.

Introducing Team UYU
Fighting game fans the world over have likely heard of this esports organization: UYU, known for recruiting some of the FGC’s finest players, is entering the fray for a chance at taking the Street Fighter League season three championship. Headed by the one and only Oil King, this group is nothing to sniff at, boasting two huge contenders in NL and Kami.

Sim “NL” Gun (humorously known as ‘No Lady,’ ‘No Life,’ and even ‘Never Lose’) is a well-known face in competitive Street Fighter. Coming from humble beginnings as a streamer and hailing from South Korea, UYU’s multi-character specialist began competing in the Capcom Pro Tour in 2016, going on to score multiple top placements at Premier Events the very next year. 

Rising to prominence as one of the best Cammy players in Season Two, NL has since opted for Satsui no Hadou practitioner Akuma, who he used in part to score 23rd place in the CPT’s 2019 global rankings. As one of the Tour’s best fighters, NL has consistently proven himself in multiple tournaments throughout his competitive career — most notably in his first-place finish at Combo Breaker 2018, which he took without dropping a single set, going on to qualify for that year’s Capcom Cup.

That isn’t his only jaw-dropping accomplishment, by far: NL likewise defeated Akuma master Tokido in pools at PPL Masters 2019, solidfying himself as a definite threat to some of the game’s top competition. Boasting a number of characters under his belt, NL promises to bring the pain to the 2020 Street Fighter League — but he’s not the only UYU fighter fans should be watching out for, nor their only Akuma player.

Joining UYU’s forces from Taiwan and South Korea is America’s own Andrew “Kami” Armstead. Hailing from the East Coast, Kami is best known for using Necalli, although recent seasons have seen him make the switch to Akuma interchangably. As one of the EC’s best talents, Kami often trains with such names as Victor “Punk” Woodley, Derek “iDom” Ruffin, and other pros from the region, forging himself in the fires of the North’s famously strong contenders.

However, he wasn’t always the top player fans know and love today: Once homeless, Kami began his journey to the top by using NLBC as a place to train and avoid “hurting the bond” of the family he was temporarily living with. These regular training sessions sharpened his amateur skills into a pro player’s prowess, which skyrocketed him to a fourth place finish at Kumite in Tennesee shortly thereafter.

Since then, Kami has been taking his talents worldwide, racking up points throughout the Capcom Pro Tour. Coming from a background of hard hitting competition and finding family in UYU, this marks his first appearance in the Street Fighter League, where he will go head to head with some of his longtime training partners for the title of top champion.