Introducing Team Dynamite

Also making their way into the fray is Team Dynamite. Headed by Problem X, UK’s strongest SFV:CE contender. This group is loaded with two other huge names in the Capcom Pro Tour rankings: NuckleDu and Smug, making for a seriously dangerous team with no qualms about knocking heads in the Street Fighter League’s third season.

Du “NuckleDu” Dang may be young, but he’s a former Capcom Cup champion, having won Street Fighter’s titular competition in 2016 after the initial release of Street Fighter V. However, SFV isn’t his first fighting game rodeo: in fact, Du has been competing in the CPT since 2014, making a name for himself in the Street Fighter IV series.

While Du was historically a Guile main, SFV has seen him switch to Muscle Spirit enthusiast Rainbow Mika, as well as several other fighters like Delta Red’s Cammy and even World President G. With an arsenal of characters at his disposal, this American hero has proven his worth time and again, seeing him soar to the top of the CPT’s global rankings in 2019 after taking first at the North American Regional Finals and second in its Open Premier in the span of a single day.

With a baby on the way, NuckleDu’s return to the Street Fighter League will test both the ever-elusive “parent powerup” and his experience from previous seasons as he goes head to head with his fellow competitors, once again.

Bryant “Smug” Huggins is another famously skilled Street Fighter player with an equally rich history throughout the series’ competitive lifetime. Hailing from the East Coast, Smug was forged in the fires of New York’s Next Level Battle Circuit, and eventually became synonymous with such pugilists as Dudley and Balrog due to his affinity for the boxing characters.

While he has since picked up G in Street Fighter V, Smug’s history in the franchise cannot be understated, with the pro having competed in the Capcom Pro Tour since its inception in 2014. Thanks to his talents, Smug went on to earn the title of “Mayor of Duff City,” and has been passing out scoops left and right ever since, even finishing at 17th place in the 2019 CPT.

Known both for his skills and his tear-jerking humor, Smug has brought hype and hilarity alike to tournaments and Top 8 brackets around the world — and we can’t wait to see how the pro will fare in his return to the Street Fighter League this season.