Introducing Team Psycho Shinobi

With great Psycho Power comes an equally great team of top fighting game pros. Noted M. Bison main HotDog29 commands one of the Street Fighter League’s standout teams in season three, comprised of the UK’s stone-cold Infexious and Razer’s very own Xian. With these formidable competitors on a single squad, fans can bet that they’ll put on a performance to remember as they battle their way to victory.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, DC “Infexious” Coleman is one of the region’s top talents, scoring 21st place in the 2019 global rankings with his impressive use of newcomer ninja Zeku. However, he’s no newbie to the Capcom Pro Tour; Infexious has been competing in the CPT since 2015, making a name for himself in the Street Fighter IV series before SFV’s release.

Once a Hugo main, the British pro went on to use Zangief and Necalli in SFV, later becoming reknowned the world over due to his surprising pick (and subsequently remarkable results) with Zeku. As one of the Tour’s only top Zeku players, his performances continue to impress, as shown by his second place finish in Japan’s stacked 2019 Red Bull Kumite against Fujimura.

Zeku isn’t the only thing this player is famous for, either; Infexious is also known for his stony countenance during tournaments, putting on his game face when things get serious. Coming off such a massive tournament as the Kumite — and a wildly successful 2019 season, overall — Infexious promises to bring the heat to his first-ever Street Fighter League appearance as one of the series’ few Bushinryu practitioners.


Kun “Xian” Ho is another one of Street Fighter’s top competitive talents. Based out of Singapore, this player has been an Ibuki main for much of Street Fighter V’s lifetime, most notably stirring a revolution for the character after taking Final Round in 2017. 

Having competed in the series since before the CPT’s inception, Xian has amassed a historic reputation for himself with his achievements, famously winning EVO 2013 against the one and only Tokido in Super Street Fighter IV. Xian went on to take top placements in tournaments worldwide in 2014, scoring second place in the first-ever Capcom Cup, to boot.

Boasting a huge reputation and a history of impressive victories, Xian continues to drop jaws across the fighting game community, finishing at 13th place in the CPT’s 2019 global rankings. While his overall season was a bit quiet, his Capcom Cup performance was nothing to sniff at, managing to land just outside of the Top 8 bracket against Mago. Considering his skills, this Ibuki main is a force to be reckoned with, bringing years of experience into his very first appearance in the Street Fighter League.