STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 Season 2, Episode 7: Week Seven Recap

We are now entering the second half of STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US season two. As a double-round robin competition, the teams will now repeat the Team Battles of the first half. This time the new adjustment to the character ban rule really comes into play. Teams are not allowed to ban the same character in both Team Battles against any one team, so the character bans from the first half of the season will have an impact in the home stretch. This week’s Team Battles are PSYCHO against SPIRIT, STORM versus FROST and GALE taking on INFERNO. Here’s a recap of this week’s episode!

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Team PSYCHO defeats Team SPIRIT 3-2

Result from Battle in Week 2: SPIRIT defeats PSYCHO 3-0, character bans: G and Cammy

The curse of Smug’s Team PSYCHO was broken with their victory over INFERNO in week 5 and they get their second win of the season here against CJ Truth’s Team SPIRIT. The first round of this Team Battle between PSYCHO’s Dankadillas and SPIRIT’s Sabin revealed new secondary characters for both players. The ban against Dhalsim affected both players in this match-up so Sabin used Falke and Danadillas utilized G. Both players looked strong with their respective characters but Dankadillas won the opening round.

This Team Battle would go back and forth with both teams taking turns eliminating players until it was down to the two captains, Smug and CJ Truth. Smug would ultimately come out on top 2-0 but it was not an easy fight, with both players having low health on most rounds.

Character Bans: Dhalsim and Laura

SPIRITCJ TruthCammydefeated PSYCHOAutomattockSagat2-1
PSYCHOSmugBalrogdefeated SPIRITiDomPoison2-0
SPIRITCJ TruthCammydefeatedPSYCHODankadillasG2-0
PSYCHOSmugBalrogdefeatedSPIRITCJ TruthCammy2-0

Team STORM defeats Team FROST 3-2

Result from Battle in Week 2: FROST defeats STORM 3-2, character bans: G and Rashid

The first Team Battle between these two teams had FROST defeating STORM 3-2. In the second match-up the result was reversed with 801 Strider’s STORM defeating Dual Kevin’s FROST with the same score. There were several close matches in this Team Battle and it was Dual Kevin who would do most of the heavy-lifting for FROST.

In the end the two team captains would decide it all in a match that was far closer and more intense than its ultimate 2-0 score would suggest. Dual Kevin came incredibly close to getting a team sweep for FROST but 801 Strider made one or two critical clutch plays to tip the scales in favor of STORM.

Character Bans: Akuma and R.Mika

FROSTDual KevinRashiddefeated STORMTommy2StepUrien2-1
STORMMo-JoeKolindefeated FROSTSherryjenixNecalli2-1
STORM801 StriderGdefeated FROSTSamuraiRyu2-1
FROSTDual KevinRashiddefeated STORM Mo-JoeKolin2-0
STORM801 Strider GdefeatedFROST Dual KevinRashid2-0

Team INFERNO defeats Team GALE 3-1

Result from Battle in Week 2: GALE defeats INFERNO 3-1, character bans: Ibuki and Rashid

One of the teams that will benefit the most from the adjustment to the character ban rule is Punk’s Team INFERNO. JB’s Rashid was banned in four of the five Team Battles in the first half of the season. This means JB will be at full strength for most of the home stretch and it already paid off this week. Nuckledu’s GALE, who lost last week for the first time to FROST, takes it’s second in as many weeks here against a seemingly resurgent INFERNO.

With the exception of the last match-up between Punk and RobTV’s Akuma, every match in this intense Team Battle was a real nail-biter. The match between JB with his Rashid against NuckleDu’s Guile was a barn-burner with both players attempting to impose non-stop offense to overwhelm the other. It would go down to the very last round between these two world-class players with both having low health but JB clutched the win with an overhead attack against NuckleDu in the corner.

Character Bans: G and Karin

GALE RobTVAkuma defeated INFEROBrolyLegsChun-Li2-1
INFERNO PunkKolin defeated GALE ShineIbuki2-1
INFERNOJBRashiddefeated GALE NuckleDuGuile2-1

Team Standings

The first Team Battles of the second half of season two are in the books and NuckleDu’s Team GALE holds on to their first place spot with a 4-2 record. Team STORM is in second place also with a 4-2 record. Team INFERNO is surging and moves up to third place while Team FROST moves to fourth place, both with 3-3 records. Team SPIRIT is in fifth place and Team PSYCHO is in sixth place, both with 2-4 records. The difference in wins between first and last place is only two, so all teams still have a shot at making it into the top four for the final showdown!

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