STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 Season 2, Episode 8: Week Eight Recap

The second half of season two continues in the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 competition and it’s still within the reach of all teams to make it into the top four playoffs. This week’s Team Battles pit INFERNO against STORM, GALE versus SPIRIT and FROST taking on PSYCHO. Here’s a recap of this week’s 3 vs 3 action!

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Team INFERNO defeats Team STORM 3-2

Result from Battle in Week 3: STORM defeats INFERNO 3-0, character bans: Rashid and R.Mika

In their first encounter early in this season, 801 Strider’s STORM defeated Punk’s INFERNO with a clean 3-0. The runback was much different, with INFERNO getting the victory in a tough 3-2 Team Battle. It was an uphill battle for INFERNO as the first two rounds went against them with BrolyLegs falling to Tommy2Step and Punk himself knocked out by Mo-Joe.

For INFERNO it would be up to JB to bring them back from the brink. STORM team captain 801 Strider, using Lucia, put up a strong effort and came very close to taking some games but JB made the clutch plays necessary to win. JB faced and then dismantled Tommy2Step’s Urien in short order to even the score. Only Mo-Joe remained to stop JB’s momentum but the best he could muster was a speed-bump. JB kept rolling to get the team sweep and a come from behind win for INFERNO.

Character Bans: G and Karin

STORMMo-JoeR.Mikadefeated INFERNOPunkCammy2-1
INFERNOJBRashiddefeated STORM801 StriderLucia2-0

Team GALE defeats Team SPIRIT 3-1

Result from Battle in Week 3: GALE defeats SPIRIT 3-0, character bans: Laura and G

The last two weeks have not been kind to NuckleDu’s Team GALE. After going undefeated in the first four weeks of the season they’ve dropped two in a row. This week they bounce back against CJ Truth’s Team SPIRIT with a 3-1 victory.

SPIRIT’s only win was the intense Kolin mirror-match between CJ Truth and Shine. iDom’s Laura was free from bans this week but dropped a very close match against RobTV’s Karin. CJ Truth put up strong resistance against NuckleDu’s G in the final round but NuckleDu got the last hit to secure the win.

Character Bans: Ibuki and Cammy

GALENuckleDuGdefeated SPIRITSabinDhalsim2-0
SPIRITCJ TruthKolindefeated GALEShineKolin2-0
GALERobTVKarindefeated SPIRITiDomLaura2-1
GALENuckleDuGdefeated SPIRITCJ TruthKolin2-1

Team FROST defeats Team PSYCHO 3-2

Result from Battle in Week 3: FROST defeats PSYCHO 3-2, character bans: Rashid and Dhalsim

The Team Battle between Smug’s Team PSYCHO and Dual Kevin’s FROST was incredibly close in favor of FROST and this week’s rematch went the same way. It was a back and forth contest with Smug doing the heavy lifting for PSYCHO.

Dual Kevin, with his Rashid once again free from a ban, once again put in a lot of work for FROST, eliminating Automattock in round three and stopping Smug’s winning streak in a battle between the team captains in the end.

Character Bans: Balrog and Akuma

PSYCHOSmugGdefeated FROSTSherryjenix Necalli2-0
FROSTSamuraiRyudefeated PSYCHO DankadillasDhalsim2-1
FROSTDual KevinRashiddefeated PSYCHOAutomattockSagat2-0
FROSTDual KevinRashiddefeatedPSYCHOSmugG2-0

Team Standings

Team GALE bounced back with a win this week and retain the top spot with a 5-2 record. Team STORM is in second place, INFERNO in third place, and FROST in fourth place all with 4-3 records. Team SPIRIT is in fifth place and PSYCHO is in sixth place, both with 2-5 records. With several weeks to go and only a few wins difference between the teams it’s still within reach for any team to make top 4 for the playoffs.

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