STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 Season 2, Episode 5: Week Five Recap

Week 5 of the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 season 2 is here and the teams are almost halfway through the first half of this double round-robin competition! This week’s Team Battles pit Team FROST against Team SPIRIT, PSYCHO against reigning champ INFERNO and GALE versus STORM. Here’s a recap of this week’s action!

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Team SPIRIT defeats Team FROST 3-0

CJ Truth’s Team SPIRIT had a great week as they swept Dual Kevin’s Team FROST 3-0. The Team Battle began with SPIRIT’s iDom absolutely dismantling Dual Kevin’s G with his Laura.  There’s a reason iDom’s Laura was banned for most of last season and this match was a showcase.  Sabin with his Dhalsim came out on top over Sherryjenix’s Necalli in the next round.  Only Samurai remained in play for Team FROST but he’s been in this position many times before and has single-handedly eliminated entire teams in most of them.  

Samurai, using Akuma, faced off against SPIRIT team captain CJ Truth, using Cammy, in what is sure to be remembered as a classic match for the League.  Both players used their characters’ fast walk speed to dance just outside each other’s range, throwing out random attacks while waiting on the other to make a move.  In this match the clock was used as a weapon several times with one player getting a life lead then played keep-away as the time ran down.  It was an incredibly tense match but CJ Truth’s strategy of being patient paid off with a win to finish off FROST. 

Character Bans: Karin and Rashid

SPIRITiDomLauradefeatedFROSTDual KevinG2-0
SPIRIT SabinDhalsimdefeated FROSTSherryjenix Necalli2-0
SPIRIT CJ TruthCammydefeated FROSTSamuraiAkuma2-1

Team PSYCHO defeats Team INFERNO 3-2

The curse is finally broken as Smug’s Team PSYCHO defeated Punk’s Team INFERNO this week in a 3-2 nail-biter.  This Team Battle continues the reversal of fortune for INFERNO, who went from being the winner of season one to resting at the bottom of the standings at this point in season two.  Team PSYCHO has been on a losing streak since the first week of the season but with this victory gets a much-needed boost of confidence as it moves up to 5th place. 

Starting with Smug’s win over BrolyLegs in round one both teams took turns eliminating players.  Punk eliminated Automattock in round two, Dankadillas eliminated JB in round three, and Punk defeated Smug in round four.  It would all come down to Punk for INFERNO against Dankadillas for PSYCHO.

Dankadillas used Dhalsim, a character that is slow and fragile who relies on long range attacks and trickery to survive.  Punk’s Karin was a direct contrast, with high mobility that needs to get close to attack but can inflict incredible amounts of damage once she gets in.  This gripping match was a struggle for Dankadillas to keep Punk away or at least off balance because if he gets in, the punishment will be harsh.  There were clutch plays by both players and it would go down to the final round but in the end Dankadillas survived that final round with a sliver of health remaining. 

Character Bans: Rashid and G

PSYCHOSmugBalrogdefeated INFERNOBrolyLegsChun-Li2-0
INFERNOPunkKarindefeated PSYCHOAutomattockSagat2-0
PSYCHODankadillasDhalsimdefeated INFERNOJBR.Mika2-0
INFERNOPunkKarindefeated PSYCHOSmugBalrog2-0

Team GALE defeats Team STORM 3-2

It’s another week and another sweep for NuckleDu’s Team GALE as they get the win over 801 Strider’s Team STORM 3-0. GALE’s RobTV with his Karin got an impressive win in round one against Tommy2Step. Tommy2Step’s Urien seemed to be one step behind in this match and just couldn’t establish any consistent offense.

In round two Shine faced off against Mo-Joe. Both players had their main characters banned and were playing their secondaries. Shine used Kolin instead of the Juri he used last season and Mo-Joe has already established in prior weeks that his Poison is legit. Mo-Joe was one round away from winning the match at one point but Shine turned things around and came through with the come from behind win.

Team captains NuckleDu and 801 Strider came up next to close out the Team Battle. 801 Strider’s G is incredibly good and NuckleDu, who has several main characters to choose from, went with the agile and versatile Cammy. There were times that 801 Strider’s G was able to light up the low health Cammy and steal some rounds but NuckleDu did an excellent job of keeping 801 Strider off balance, kept up the offensive pressure and put G in the corner. NuckleDu made the right reads and eliminated 801 Strider 2-0.

Character Bans: R.Mika and Ibuki

GALE RobTV Karin defeated STORM Tommy2Step Urien 2-0
GALE Shine Kolin defeated STORM Mo-Joe Mo-Joe 2-1
GALE NuckleDu Cammy defeated STORM 801 StriderG2-0

Team Standings

Team GALE extends its lead this week in first place with an unbeaten 4-0 record. It’s a tight race in the middle of the standings with Team STORM in second place, Team SPIRIT in 3rd place and Team FROST in 4th place. All three teams have 2-2 records with the only difference being the tie-breakers of matches and rounds won. Team PSYCHO moves up to 5th place with a 1-3 record and Team INFERNO drops down to 6th place, also with a 1-3 record.

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