STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 Season 2, Episode 3: Week Three Recap

It’s the second week of competition in STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 season two.  This week’s Team Battles are INFERNO versus STORM, GALE against SPIRIT and PSYCHO taking on FROST.  Two veteran teams and four new ones face one another for the first time. Who will rise and who will falter? Find out in this recap of episode 3!

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Team STORM defeats Team INFERNO 3-0

Although 801 Strider’s Team STORM was narrowly defeated by Team FROST last week thanks to a Samurai team-sweep, they still showed themselves to be a potent team. Each of the sets against Samurai were incredibly close and more than once they were one hit away from victory.

This week they bounced back big against Punk’s Team INFERNO, the winner of season one. Team STORM, composed of new players, defeated INFERNO 3-0. The highlight for INFERNO was Punk’s power play in round 2 against Tommy2Step where he selected a secondary character, Lucia, even though his main was not banned. That match was a very close set but Tommy2Step came out on top 2-1. Tommy2Step’s Urien play continues to impress. We also discovered that Mo-Joe has a pretty legit Poison as a secondary character after his main, R.Mika, was banned.

Character Bans: Rashid and R.Mika

STORMTommy2StepUrien defeated INFERNOPunkLucia2-1
STORM801 StriderG defeated INFERNOJBNash2-0

Team GALE defeats Team SPIRIT 3-0

The runner-up from season one, NuckleDu’s Team GALE, looked incredibly strong here in week two earning a 3-0 victory against CJ Truth’s Team SPIRIT. Contrary to what the score might indicate, this was no walk in the park for GALE. The battle between Shine and CJ Truth in round one was a close one and RobTV versus Sabin in round three was a nail-biter. On the plus side for Team SPIRIT, iDom’s Poison already looks far more effective as a secondary character than his Birdie was in season one. That’s important because his Laura will continue to be a tempting target for a ban.

Character Bans: Laura and G

GALEShineIbuki defeated SPIRITCJ TruthKarin2-1
GALENuckleDuR.Mika defeated SPIRITIdomPoison2-0
GALERobTVKarin defeated SPIRITSabinDhalsim2-1

Team FROST defeats Team PSYCHO 3-2

The first two Team Battles of this week were clean sweeps but the match-up between Dual Kevin’s Team FROST and Smug’s Team PSYCHO went down to the wire. PSYCHO lost to Team SPIRIT last week 0-3 and is anxious to shake off talk of a Team PSYCHO “curse”.

PSYCHO looked great early in the Team Battle with Dankadillas eliminating SherryJenix in round one and Smug absolutely dismantling Dual Kevin’s G in round two. Once more it would be up to Samurai to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat for FROST. Samurai would go on to eliminate Automattock and Dankadillas in the next two rounds leaving a showdown between Samurai and Smug.

Samurai has been in this kind of high-pressure situation during most of his time playing in the League. Smug is among the top 30 in the Capcom Pro Tour standings and would qualify for Capcom Cup if the season ended today. Both players are veterans of the competitive Capcom Pro Tour so this match-up was sure to be exciting.

The match would be one of relentless offense by both players with momentum swinging like a pendulum between the two. At one point in the second game Smug was a sliver of life away from victory but Samurai stole the win with a well timed demon flip. It would go down to the very last round of the last game but in the end Samurai would come away with another team sweep and another win for Team FROST.

Character Bans: Rashid and Dhalsim

PSYCHODankadillasUrien defeated FROSTSherryjenixNecalli2-1
PSYCHOSmugBalrog defeated FROSTDual KevinG2-0
FROSTSamuraiAkuma defeated PSYCHOAutomattockSagat2-0
FROSTSamuraiAkuma defeated PSYCHODankadillasUrien2-0
FROSTSamuraiAkuma defeated PSYCHOSmugBalrog2-1

Team Standings

At the end of week two of competition we have Team GALE in first place with Team FROST close behind in second place on the back of another Samurai team sweep, both with 2-0 records. Teams STORM and SPIRIT are in third and fourth place at 1-1. Team PSYCHO took a very tough loss and is in 5th place while season one winning Team INFERNO is in sixth place, both with 0-2 records. It’s still incredibly early in the season so stay tuned to see what happens next week!

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