STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 Season 2, Episode 2: Week Two Recap

Last week’s draft established new team compositions for FROST, SPIRIT, PSYCHO and STORM for season two! These teams will join the top two teams from season one in Punk’s INFERNO, the winner of season one, and NuckleDu’s GALE. This week kicks off a whole new season of Team Battles and we have the recap for you here!

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If you missed any of season one and want to get caught up before reading further, check out the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 Season 1 Archive or the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel’s STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 video playlist for the full episodes. 

Higher Stakes for Season Two!

There is more prize money up for grabs in season two! The team who takes first place will split $90,000! Second place will earn $24,000 and third place will receive $12,000!

Team GALE defeats Team INFERNO 3-1

Season two started off with a rematch of season one’s Grand Finals! Punk’s Team INFERNO was victorious over NuckleDu’s Team GALE in that instance but this is a whole new season! Punk led the way for his team and defeated GALE’s Shine 2-0 in round one. Things continued to look promising in the next match as INFERNO’s BrolyLegs won the first match against NuckleDu. NuckleDu made adjustments after that first match, turned the tide, and defeated BrolyLegs 2-1. GALE’s RobTV, who did some pretty epic smack talking in pre and post match interviews, beat JB 2-1. JB’s Birdie as a secondary character looked to have improved since season one in this match which makes the team less vulnerable to a Rashid ban. This Team Battle would ultimately be decided by a face-off between the two team captains, Punk and NuckleDu. It was a thrilling set with lots of back and forth but NuckleDu got the win 2-1 and sealed the victory for Team GALE.

Character Bans: Ibuki and Rashid


Team FROST defeats Team STORM 3-2

Team FROST, with Dual Kevin elevated to captain, faced off against Team STORM, captained by new player 801 Strider. 801 Strider faced off against FROST’s Sherryjenix to start things off. 801 Strider, who has used Laura and G as main characters, decided to debut new character Lucia in this first Team Battle. 801 Strider defeated Sherryjenix 2-1 and his Lucia indeed looked incredibly strong. Team STORM’s prospects looked very promising with Tommy2Step, with an impressive Urien, defeating FROST’s Dual Kevin 2-0 in round two. Team STORM was down to only one player, but that player was Samurai. If you watched season one you know that Samurai is a one player team-killer with many such comebacks. This week he picked up right where he left off and proceeded to single-handedly defeat each member of team STORM, the team he played for in season one, in turn. That’s not to say that it was easy as all three members of STORM put up valiant efforts in thrilling matches.

Character Bans: G and Rashid

STORM801 StriderLuciadefeatedFROSTSherryjenixNecalli2-1
STORMTommy2StepUrien defeated FROSTDual KevinRyu2-0
FROSTSamuraiAkuma defeated STORMMo-JoeR.Mika2-1
FROSTSamuraiAkuma defeated STORM801 StriderLucia2-1
FROSTSamuraiAkuma defeated STORMTommy2StepUrien2-1

Team SPIRIT defeats Team PSYCHO 3-0

Two new captains take the helm of Teams PSYCHO and SPIRIT this season. The always smiling CJ Truth is now the captain of SPIRIT and perennial crowd favorite Smug now leads PSYCHO. The first face-off of this team battle was between SPIRIT’s Sabin with his talented Dhalsim and PSYCHO’s Automattock, who can play many characters at a high level. Automattock used Sagat in this match-up as a counter-pick to Dhalsim and in a thrilling match Sabin won 2-1. SPIRIT’s iDom matched up against PSYCHO’s Dankadillas next. iDom’s main character, Laura, was banned for almost the entirety of season one but he got to use her in this Team Battle. iDom made very short work of Dankadillas in a quick 2-0 win. Will iDom’s Laura get banned next week? Stay tuned. The last round of this Team Battle was between the two team captains, Smug and CJ Truth. Both players had their main characters banned so Smug went back to his trusty Balrog while CJ Truth used Karin. CJ Truth put in a solid performance with Karin as a secondary character and won 2-0, putting the cap on a 3-0 clean sweep for Team SPIRIT.

Character Bans: G and Cammy

SPIRITSabinDhalsim defeated PSYCHOAutomattockSagat2-1
SPIRITiDomLaura defeated PSYCHODankadillasDhalsim2-0
SPIRITCJ TruthKarin defeated PSYCHOSmugBalrog2-0

Team Standings

The first week of competition is in the books! Teams GALE, FROST and SPIRIT were victorious. The season has just begun, so anything can happen as STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 season two continues!

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