Justin Wong
wins loses win-percentage
matches 10 15 40%
games 30 34 47%


Justin Wong is one of the most well-known Street Fighter players of all time, with dominant performances in major tournaments dating back more than a decade. In Street Fighter V, Justin Wong mains Menat and is well-known for his defensive play. In fact, Justin Wong celebrates slow play, recently putting out a “lame character tier list” and releasing guides for players encouraging them to play “lame” and “turtle.” Justin Wong was ranked #2 in North American Capcom Pro Tour standings in 2018 and is currently ranked #15 in Global Capcom Pro Tour standings in 2019. Recently, Justin Wong placed 13th at Final Round 2019 (after being eliminated by Punk), 5th at Capcom Cup Finals 2018, 1st at DreamHack Montreal 2018, 1st at DreamHack Austin 2018, and 5th at Combo Breaker 2017. In addition to his tournament play, Justin Wong recently became a father and has embraced his role as one of the fighting game community’s elders. Justin Wong often raises money and donates his own tournament winnings to fly up-and-coming players out so that they can compete in major events that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Character Usage

Street Fighter 5


Menat SF5


Karin SF5


Rose SF5


Falke SF5


Poison SF5


Cammy SF5