ClasicoTEAM Storm

wins loses win-percentage
matches 3 11 21%
games 11 23 32%


Clasico is an up-and-coming Urien main from the Chicago fighting game community who frequents the Ignite Gaming Lounge Mix-Up Monthly in Chicago, as well as Wednesday Night Fights weeklies in both NorCal and SoCal. Clasico can often be found training alongside some of the best players from Wednesday Night Fights, including Street Fighter League competitor Samurai, as well as fellow Ignite Gaming Lounge and Street Fighter League competitor, Justakid. Though SoCal is Clasico’s home away from home, he proudly represents the Chicago FGC and is calling this the “Midwest Moment.” In addition to his Urien, Clasico has been known to switch to Nash in tournament play as the situation dictates.

Character Usage

Street Fighter 5


Urien SF5