Dual KevinTEAM Frost

Dual Kevin
wins loses win-percentage
matches 14 19 42%
games 36 42 46%


Dual Kevin returns to Season 2 in Street Fighter League as an incoming captain of his own team. Leaning on the strength of his main character Rashid, and his secondary character G, Dual Kevin has had some strong placements since his debut in Season 1 of SFL. He took 3rd at Texas Showdown 2019 and had an impressive 5th place finish at CPT Premier Event CEO 2019. Dual Kevin is ready to put together a team and try to take down the best in S2. He’s ready to carry the team, cheer for the team, or offer his advice when needed. Just don’t ask him about that time he thought Guile’s Flash Kick was a Shoryuken motion.

Character Usage