RED ROOSTER, ENDEMIC and NASR each got wins last week with two of them needing a tie breaker match to decide.  It’s now week two of season six and we saw a reversal of fortune for a few teams as they all fight for every point.  There were some epic matches and one or two incredible comebacks in store as well, so if you didn’t catch the episode live be sure to check out the replay using the information below.

If you missed any of season 6 and want to get caught up before reading further, check out the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US Season 6 Archive or the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel’s STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US Season 6 video playlist for the full episodes. 


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) AngryBird (Ken), 2) Big Bird (Marisa), 3) Punk (Cammy), Nephew (Sub)

With Big Bird, AngryBird, Punk and Nephew on the roster, NASR is a stacked team in a season full of strong teams.  The capabilities of team NASR were on full display this week as they beat ENDEMIC with a 30-10 score.  The only bright spot for ENDEMIC was ChrisCCH in the second match while the other two were convincing losses.  NASR was the away team as well, which means that ENDEMIC knew NASR’s player order and characters and could counter pick.  This makes NASR’s win even more impressive.

The Team Battle started with a one-sided victory for NASR as AngryBird’s Ken dominated Reynald’s JP 2-0.  Reynald looked great last week as his JP beat NuckleDu’s Guile 3-1 in the anchor position to get the win for his team.  This week AngryBird’s Ken got Reynald’s JP into the corner and was able to keep him locked down with constant offensive pressure. 

The second match between ChrisCCH’s Ken and Big Bird’s Marisa was very close.  Both characters can inflict a lot of damage from a single hit and both players moved deftly between offense and defense.  In one round ChrisCCH got Big Bird into a corner and got a big life lead only to have Big Bird to come back and push ChrisCCH to the opposite corner.  There was a short scramble to get the last hit when ChrisCCH landed a crucial Dragon Punch to win the round.  The very last round of the match ended with ChrisCCH connecting with a clutch Critical Art to finish off Big Bird 2-1.

In the anchor position ENDEMIC put Samurai and his Luke in to face Punk’s Cammy.  This was another lopsided match with Punk winning three games straight without losing a round.  Even with a few execution errors on Punk’s dive kick this match was completely under his control from start to finish.  Punk’s 3-0 capped a great week two performance for NASR to help keep the team toward the top of the leaderboard.

2ChrisCCHENDEMICKendefeatedBig BirdNASRMarisa2-1


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) Ajax Fidelity (Juri), 2) PR Balrog (Juri), 3) BananaKen (JP), SUB) Mono

Time seemed to fast forward in this Team Battle as BANDITS beat RED ROOSTER in three very quick matches.  RED ROOSTER earned the season’s first 40-0 victory last week but this week it was a complete reversal. BANDITS’ Xiao Hai, sporting a gold-colored arcade stick, went in first with his Ken to take on Ajax Fidelity’s Juri in the first match.  Xiao Hai had strong anti-airs and checked some of Ajax’s Drive Rush attempts to get in to start offense.  For most of the match though Xiao Hai was on offense, keeping Ajax Fidelity guessing the whole match.  Xiao Hai won two games straight, calmly picked up his gold stick and walked back to his team as if it were just another day at the office.

PR Balrog, also using Juri, was up next in RED ROOSTER’s player order and it was Caba and his Guile to step up to the challenge.  Caba’s Guile used a variety of methods to stifle his opponent’s offense by throwing waves of Sonic Booms to take up space and using normal to check Juri’s Drive Rush among them.  Caba also landed his Critical Art as an anti-air twice including the last round of the match.  Caba won two games straight with the last round being an appropriate perfect. 

It was up to BananaKen’s JP in the anchor position to reverse RED ROOSTER’s fortunes and it was no surprise that MenaRD was picked.  MenaRD used Luke for this match, and it was an exciting one.  MenaRD won the first game and in the second game BananaKen was able to establish his zoning keep-out game to tie it up in the next.  BananaKen put up an admirable effort the entire match, but MenaRD was able to land big jump-ins and was able to start offense with Drive Rush more often in the last two games.  MenaRD would win 3-1 to give BANDITS its first 40-0 score to push them to the top of the leaderboard.

1Xiao HaiBANDITSKendefeatedAjax FidelityRED ROOSTERJuri2-0
2CabaBANDITSGuiledefeatedPR BalrogRED ROOSTERJuri2-0
3MenaRDBANDITSLukedefeatedBananaKenRED ROOSTERJP3-1


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) Dual Kevin (Luke), 2) VXBao (JP), 3) NuckleDu (Guile), 4) Zhen (Dee Jay)

It’s only the second week of season six and with this Team Battle we have seen three tiebreakers.  This VERSUS VORTEX and UYU Team Battle was intense and went down to the wire.  The first matchup between DCQ’s JP taking on Dual Kevin’s Luke was hard-fought by both players but DCQ won 2-0.  Dual Kevin did get some momentum here and there and won the first round of game two but could not keep up with DCQ’s JP. 

Up next we had an epic match between NL’s Luke going up against VXBao’s JP.  This was a nailbiter where both sides traded games and momentum swings.  NL is able to make some clutch plays and was very aggressive starting in the second round to win the first game. VXBoa turns it around and wins the second game.  In the third game it gets really wild with NL making absolutely astounding comebacks from low health to win the third game.  NL won this match 2-1 to give VERSUS VORTEX a 20-0 lead.

Xian’s Dee Jay was sent in against NuckleDu’s Guile in the anchor match and it was another edge of your seat contest.  The whole match was a frantic flurry with streams of projectiles by both players filling the space between them punctuated by bursts of up close offense.  NuckleDu had a high success rate with his Overdrive Flash Kicks and Xian used Knee Shot to good effect to get over some Sonic Booms.  When the dust settled NuckleDu was the winner 3-2 to send it to the tiebreaker.

With the tiebreaker it was time to send in each team’s last player as Oil King with Ken went up against Zhen’s Dee Jay.  Ken and Dee Jay makes for an exciting matchup but a one game playoff with it all on the line pushed the excitement through the roof.  Zhen won the first round but Oil King won the next two.  In round three Oil King landed a huge jump-in to get the early lead. After a scramble Oil King connected with the final attack to win the game and the Team Battle for VERSUS VORTEX.

1DCQVERSUS VORTEXJPdefeatedDual KevinUYULuke2-0
3NuckleDuUYUGuiledefeatedXianVERSUS VORTEXDee Jay3-2
Tie-BreakerOil KingVERSUS VORTEXKendefeatedZhenUYUDee Jay1-0


With NASR, BANDITS and VERSUS VORTEX getting wins this week the leaderboards get another shakeup. BANDITS is the biggest mover going from fifth place last week into first with their big win.



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