Every team in Street Fighter League season six is a powerhouse composed of some of the world’s best players.  Even among talent of this caliber there are two teams that are considered favorites to do well in this competition.  NASR and BANDITS are those teams and although it is early they are living up to expectations, claiming the top two spots on the leaderboard.  This week one continued to rise while the other stumbled a bit.  The other teams continue to compete for every point. This week one team put on the most dominant performance so far this season and one Team Battle had a finale that you must see.

If you missed any of season 6 and want to get caught up before reading further, check out the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US Season 6 Archive or the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel’s STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US Season 6 video playlist for the full episodes. 


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) VXBao (JP), 2) Zhen (Dee Jay), 3) NuckleDu (Guile), Dual Kevin (Luke)

Starting things off for week three was a close Team Battle between BANDITS and UYU.  UYU won the first two matches with VXBao’s JP beating Xiao Hai’s Juri 2-0 followed by Zhen’s Dee Jay coming out on top of Caba’s Guile 2-1.  VXBao continues to make his case for being one of the world’s best JP players.  His spacing and ability to stop many of Juri’s Drive Rush attempts were keys to his victory. 

The match between Caba and Zhen was very back and forth and went to the final round.  Zhen was dominant in the first game but Caba came right back in the next game starting off with a perfect round.  Caba was more aggressive starting in game two but Zhen’s offense with Dee Jay was relentless, winning the final round with a perfect of his own.

The Team Battle took a turn in the anchor match between MenaRD and NuckleDu.  NuckleDu’s Guile won a seesaw first game against MenaRD’s Luke.  To start the second game MenaRD made a surprise character change to JP.  He looked a bit shaky with the character in the first round or so but he soon took control and retained it for the rest of the match.  MenaRD quickly showed that his JP is for real as he virtually shut down NuckleDu’s offense.  NuckleDu’s Guile seemed outclassed in the full screen zoning game as he weathered barrages of ranged attacks from JP. MenaRD would win the match 3-1 to tie up the Team Battle.

For the fourth time this season it was time for a sudden death tie breaker with Chris Tatarian’s Ken facing Dual Kevin’s Luke.  As with every tie breaker so far, the game was frantic and unpredictable with both players trading momentum.  Dual Kevin would win a tense final round to give UYU its first win of the season. 

1VXBaoUYUJPdefeatedXiao HaiBANDITSJuri2-0
2ZhenUYUDee JaydefeatedCabaBANDITSGuile2-1
3MenaRDBANDITSLuke, GuiledefeatedNuckleDuUYUGuile3-1
Tie-BreakerDual KevinUYULukedefeatedChris TatarianBANDITSKen1-0


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) AngryBird (Ken), 2) Big Bird (Rashid), 3) Punk (Cammy), SUB) Nephew

NASR is probably the most successful team so far in Street Fighter League’s history and they added another win to that legacy here against RED ROOSTER.  Their victory was by the slimmest of margins and the final breathtaking match of the Team Battle could not have been closer.  If you did not get a chance to watch the event this week you owe it to yourself to use the playlist links provided above to check out this week’s match between PR Balrog and Punk.  It’s the best match of an already exciting season so far.

The Team Battle started off with fireworks as BananaKen and his JP earned a huge win against AngryBird’s Ken in the first match.  AngryBird is arguably the best overall player in the world right now and BananaKen was able to make some incredible clutch plays to win 2-1.

The pendulum swung hard the opposite direction for RED ROOSTER in the second match as Big Bird’s Rashid dominated Mono’s Dee Jay.  This was the first time Big Bird elected to use Rashid over Marisa and it’s also the first time we’ve seen Mono sit down for a full match.  Big Bird won in two very quick games.  Big Bird looked relaxed and confident while Mono looked uncomfortable and seemingly unfamiliar with the Rashid matchup.

As good as the first match of this Team Battle was, the real showstopper was an absolutely epic match between PR Balrog’s Juri and Punk’s Cammy.  From start to finish you could tell that both players respected each other’s ability to turn one mistake into huge damage.  There was a lot of tense sparring in the neutral punctuated by one player or the other getting a surge of offense. The match went back and forth until the very last round.  By the end of that last round both players were in burnout with a sliver of health remaining when Punk landed a jump-in to get the win for NASR.  PR Balrog might have taken a long break at the end of Street Fighter V but this proves without a doubt that he is still one of the game’s elites even though he fell one hit short of winning. Punk’s incredible win here helps solidify NASR at the top of the leaderboard.

1BananaKenRED ROOSTERJPdefeatedAngryBirdNASRKen2-1
2Big BirdNASRRashiddefeatedMonoRED ROOSTERDee Jay2-0
3PunkNASRCammydefeatedPR BalrogRED ROOSTERJuri3-2


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) Xian (Dee Jay), 2) NL (Luke), 3) DCQ (JP), 4) Oil King

The first three weeks have seen a tremendous turnaround for VERSUS VORTEX.  In week one they took a shutout loss to RED ROOSTER.  Last week they got a 25-20 win against UYU in sudden death to get their first points but remained in last place.  This week against ENDEMIC they have pulled off a stunning 40-0 victory in the most one-sided Team Battle so far this season.

ENDEMIC was on the back foot through all three matches.  In the opening match Xian’s Dee Jay pulled off a lightning-fast win against Reynald’s JP in four straight rounds.  Xian seemed to have the right answer to stifle Reynald’s offense at all ranges, using Dee Jay’s projectiles and close range moves to great effect. 

Before you know it ChrisCCH’s Ken is going up against NL’s Luke.  The first game was another fast win for VERSUS VORTEX.  NL’s decision-making seemed to be one step ahead of ChrisCCH.  ChrisCCH did better in game two but still lost to NL, giving VERSUS VORTEX it’s second 2-0 win.

It was all up to Samurai to reverse his team’s fortunes as he had done numerous times over many seasons of Street Fighter League.  Facing him was one of the breakout stars of last season, DCQ.  Samurai, using Luke, fared well in he first game and got close to winning but DCQ’s JP landed a clutch level 2 Super to snatch it away.  From the second game onward DCQ got the momentum and won the next two games to complete the shutout.  While this is not the first 40-0 Team Battle this season it was the most one-sided, with VERSUS VORTEX not losing a single game.  The scale of this win vaults VERSUS VORTEX from last place to third and is sure to have the team brimming with confidence going into next week.

1XianVERSUS VORTEXDee JaydefeatedReynaldENDEMICJP2-0


NASR and BANDITS swap positions on the leaderboard this week with the former’s win and the latter’s loss. VERSUS VORTEX vaults from last place to third place.



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