Street Fighter League is back with six new and remixed teams filled with many of the world’s best players.  It is fitting that season 6 will feature the recently released Street Fighter 6 and it will be truly exciting to watch these players compete with the game in this team format.  Up for grabs is a $75,000 prize pool with $60,000 going to the first place team and $15,000 going to second place. 

Just like last season each Team Battle will have a HOME team and an AWAY team.  The AWAY team must submit their player order and the character each will play and the HOME team can pick their player and character before each round.  At the end of the regular season the top 4 teams will move on to the Playoffs.  The winner of SFL US will compete against the winner from SFL Japan in a World Championship for ultimate bragging rights.

There are also a few format changes this season. Each episode will feature three Team Battles instead of two.  This means that every team will play every week, so now you can root for your favorite team every episode! Also, if a Team Battle goes to a tie-breaker the teams are no longer allowed to choose their player and must send in the team’s fourth player, allowing the entire team to participate. It may seem like a small change at first glance, but it had a big impact already in the first week.

If you missed any of season 6 and want to get caught up before reading further, check out the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US Season 6 Archive or the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel’s STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US Season 6 video playlist for the full episodes. 


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) PR Balrog (Juri), 2) Ajax Fidelity (Juri), 3) BananaKen (JP), SUB) Mono

The all-Puerto Rico team RED ROOSTER got off to a nice start with a 40-0 win over VERSUS VORTEX.  PR Balrog’s Juri got a 2-0 win against NL’s Luke in the opening matchup with one of those rounds being a perfect.  PR Balrog had some great spacing and made smart decisions, all the while sporting his trademark smile.

Ajax Fidelity, one of the rookie sensations from last season, also sported a Juri in the next match and VERSUS VORTEX decided to pit Xian’s Dee Jay against him.  Xian had early success winning the first game.  Xian landed a wakeup Super at the end of the first round to steal the round and did well punishing some of Juri’s missed throw attempts.  The first round of game two was a solid win for Xian as well but after that the momentum shifted to his opponent.  Ajax Fidelity did not lose a single round for the rest of the match and seemed to have an answer for everything Xian tried.  Ajax Fidelity won round two 2-1.

The third match of the Team Battle is very important because it is worth 20 points.  If RED ROOSTER won it would give them an excellent week one score on the leaderboard.  For VERSUS VORTEX it was a shot to tie the score in the Team Battle to send it to a tie-breaker. As the AWAY team RED ROOSTER had to decide their player order and characters before the Team Battle and for this anchor spot they chose BananaKen using JP.  VERSUS VORTEX sent in DCQ, also using JP, to face him in a mirror-match.

You never know how a mirror-match is going to play out but this one was a thriller. Both players traded momentum and games back and forth. DCQ had some excellent jump timing with both neutral jumps and normal jump-ins, creating some openings. BananaKen exhibited great patience and was effective using JP’s level two Super. After fighting tooth and nail BananaKen came out on top to win 3-0. Team RED ROOSTER comes out of week one with a 40 point victory.

2Ajax FidelityRED ROOSTERJuridefeatedXianVERSUS VORTEXDee Jay2-1


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) ChrisCCH (Ken), 2) Samurai (Luke), 3) Reynald (JP), SUB) Flash Metroid

The second Team Battle of the week was the first of the season to go the distance, needing the tie-breaker to decide the winner.  Things did not start well for ENDEMIC early on with the first two matches being losses.  In the first match UYU sent in VXBao and his JP against ChrisCCH’s Ken and it turned out to be a wise choice.  VXBao won this first match 2-0 with ChrisCCH having trouble getting in to generate consistent offense against the tricky zoning of JP.

Dual Kevin and Samurai faced off in a terrific Luke mirror match next.  There were a lot of projectiles flying between the two and Dual Kevin made good use of Drive Rush to get in several times. Dual Kevin would win 2-1 to extend UYU’s lead.

Fortunes changed for ENDEMIC in the anchor spot match between NuckleDu’s Guile and Reynald’s JP.  Reynald showed no signs of pressure from the situation and actually showed the opposite as he defeated NuckleDu 3-1.  Reynald looked like he was having fun during the match which quickly infected the rest of his team as they cheered him on.  Both characters are designed around strong zoning but, in this match, NuckleDu’s Guile struggled to find ways to avoid JP’s ranged attacks and had to go on offense.  NuckleDu put up an admirable effort and had a few bright spots but could not maintain any momentum. Reynald made good use of Perfect Parries and managed to land his level 3 Critical Art on reaction to NuckleDu throwing a Sonic boom several times, inflicting tremendous damage.

The final team member from both teams went in for the tie-breaker with FlashMetroid using Blanka and Zhen selecting Dee Jay. FlashMetroid, still beaming from Reynald’s win, cruised to victory against Zhen winning two straight rounds. Having a Blanka player in the tie-breaker position was a huge bonus, as the character is most effective in single games where the opponent has little time to adapt.  ENDEMIC earned the come-from-behind win in the Team Battle 25-20.

2Dual Kevin UYULukedefeatedSamuraiENDEMICLuke2-1
Tie-BreakerFlashMetroidENDEMICBlankadefeatedZhenUYUDee Jay1-0


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) Caba (Guile), 2) Xiao Hai (Juri), 3) Ajax Fidelity (Ed), SUB) Mono

MenaRD from Team BANDITS said in the interview before the Team Battle that the only chip he has on his shoulders is NASR, and he didn’t want them to win.  BANDITS got close to making that happen but fell just short.  The first player in BANDITS’ order was Caba with his Guile and NASR elected to send in Big Bird using Marisa to face him.  Big Bird went on to win 2-0 but it was not an easy win as Caba did a respectable job using Guile’s zoning to keep her at bay much of the time.  The problem is that when Marisa does find an opening to get in she is capable of doing insane damage.

The next match was Punk versus Xiao Hai and it was an exciting match with a lot of back and forth.  Punk’s Cammy and Xiao Hai’s Juri are both highly mobile characters with a lot of offensive potential and it was on display here.  Punk came out on top 2-0 but it was far from a runaway.

BANDITS may not have toppled NASR this week but MenaRD got a partial victory with a 3-1 win over AngryBird in the anchor match.  MenaRD’s Blanka had early success using the character’s mixups and high-damage juggle combos to win the first game.  AngryBird’s Ken adjusted and won the second game to tie it up and MenaRD changed characters to Luke.  MenaRD’s Luke made incredible use of Drive Rush to catch AngryBird off guard to start big damage combos or to put him in the corner.  With MenaRD’s win it was time for a tie-breaker for the second time.

It was sudden death with Chris Tatarian’s Ken against Nephew’s Juri. This was a close, high-octane match and was a perfect end to this Team Battle. Both players traded momentum, Drive Rushes, Critical Arts, and everything else back and forth but Nephew won in the final round with a sliver remaining on his life bar.

1Big BirdNASRMarisadefeatedCabaBANDITSGuile2-0
2PunkNASRCammydefeatedXiao HaiBANDITSJuri2-0
3MenaRDBANDITSBlanka, LukedefeatedAngryBirdNASRKen3-1
Tie-BreakerNephewNASRJuridefeatedChris TatarianBANDITSKen1-0


RED ROOSTER came in hot this week with a 40-0 win to take the week one lead. With two Team Battles that went to tie-breaker NASR, ENDEMIC, UYU and BANDITS are all very close to one another in second through fifth place with VERSUS VORTEX rounding things out at sixth place.


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