STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 Season 1, Episode 2: Week Two Recap

With the teams set in last week’s draft the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 season kicked off this week with the first match-ups! There were plenty of exciting matches as well as a few pop-offs so be sure to check out the episode if you haven’t already. We’ve put together a recap of the action including results as well as the final standings after the first week of competition.

If you missed our recap of week one’s draft day, browse here to check that out.

Miss an Episode?

If you missed this episode or a previous one and want to check that out before reading further please visit the front page of this site or the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel’s STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 video playlist.  If you’ve already enjoyed the episode or just want to see the results here is a recap!

Team GALE defeats Team SPIRIT 3-0

The first team match-up put NuckleDu’s Team GALE against Justin Wong’s Team SPIRIT.   GALE made an impressive debut in week one coming out on top with a 3-0 victory.  GALE’s Shine brought out Juri as a secondary character in round 1 after his main character, Ibuki, was banned.  Justin Wong, with his main character Menat banned, made a surprise Falke pick in round 3 but GALE’s RobTV was ready.  RobTV put an exclamation point on the win by eliminating Justin in the final round of the match with four consecutive throws!

Character Bans: Menat and Ibuki

GALERobTVKarindefeatedSPIRITJustin WongFalke2-0

Team INFERNO defeats Team FROST 3-1

In a pre-match interview with Rip, INFERNO team captain Punk was all confidence. That confidence was justified as INFERNO handed FROST its first loss of the season. FROST’s Dual Kevin came out on top of INFERNO’s BrolyLegs in the first round but Punk started a turnaround in the next round with his Cammy. Punk and JB would earn hard-fought wins in three straight rounds to eliminate Team FROST 3-1.

Character Bans: Necalli and Karin

FROSTDual KevinRashiddefeatedINFERNOBrolyLegsChun-Li2-0
INFERNOPunkCammydefeatedFROSTDual KevinRashid2-1

Team PSYCHO defeats Team STORM 3-2

Team PSYCHO edged out Team STORM with a narrow 3-2 win to close out this week’s action. STORM’s Clasico with his Urien defeated PSYCHO team captain Toi’s secondary character Birdie in round one to lead things off. In round 2 team PSYCHO answered back with JustAKid’s Juri putting on a display against STORM team captain iDom’s secondary character, Birdie. STORM’s Samurai, a veteran player with lots of experience in high-pressure situations, took round 3 against El Chakotay. PSYCHO’s remaining player, JustAKid, could not hide the pressure on his shoulders as he faced STORM’s remaining two players.  JustAKid’s Juri managed to pull off two consecutive thrilling wins to give Team PSYCHO the win!

Character Bans: Laura and M.Bison

STORMSamuraiAkumadefeatedPSYCHOEl ChakotayR.Mika2-1

Team Standings

After the first week of competition it is Teams GALE, INFERNO and PSYCHO who take the early lead with 1 win each. The season has just begun, so anything can happen as STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 season one continues!

SF League Standings

Tune in Next Week!

Tune in next Thursday to watch the next exciting episode featuring the hosting talents of Rip and play-by-play commentary by Tasty Steve, Rynge and Vicious.

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