STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 Season 1, Episode 1: Draft Day Recap

STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 kicked off in season one: episode one with the drafting of the six teams of three that will be taking part in the 3-on-3 tournament series.  If you missed the episode and want to check that out before reading further please visit the front page of this site or the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel’s STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 video playlist.  If you’ve already enjoyed the episode or just want to see the results here is a recap!


The League consists of six teams of three players who will compete in a fierce 3-on-3 tournament format.  Each of the six team captains were selected for the League by using the Capcom Pro Tour North America rankings for 2018.  Seeding for the draft selection order also followed that format with the following results:

Team NameTeam GaleTeam SpiritTeam InfernoTeam StormTeam PsychoTeam Frost
CaptainNuckleDuJustin WongPunkIDomToiNephew

Player selection for the League uses a snake draft system.  The order of the first round follows seeding order.  In the second round the order reverses, so the 6th seed will pick first (resulting in back-to-back picks) going back to first seed.

When it is their turn each team captain selects two prospective players.  The two players then compete in a single game of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition to show off their prospective worth.  Regardless of who won, the team captain then gets to select one of those players to join his team. 

The Draft Player Pool:

The six team captains has a player pool of 12 players to draft from to complete their teams.  Six of the players are from an Online Warrior category who earned their spots by fighting their way through fierce online competitions.  The other six players are crowd favorites who were voted into the draft pool by the community.

Online WarriorsUpToSnuffJustakidSamuraiRObTVJBPsycho
Crowd FavoritesBrian_FClasicoBrolyLegsEl ChakotayShineDual Kevin

If you would like to get an overview of all players who will be participating in the League we have put together a short Player Analysis video here.

The Final Teams:

The team draft process was fun to watch not only because of the great Street Fighter V exhibition scouting matches we were able to enjoy but also for the reasons each team captain used to make their selection.  Due to the League’s unique twist of being able to ban a character during each matchup, being able to play a secondary character is as important a consideration as the player’s ability with their main character.  When the draft was completed each of the six teams competing in this season of the League are as follows (also showing player draft order):

Team NameTeam GaleTeam SpiritTeam InfernoTeam StormTeam PsychoTeam Frost
Team CaptainNuckleDuJustin WongPunkIDomToiNephew
Online WarriorRobTV – 12thPsycho – 11thJB – 3rdSamurai – 4thJustakid – 8thUpToSnuff – 6th
Crowd FavoriteShine – 1stBrian_F – 2ndBrolyLegs – 10thClasico – 9thEl Chakotay – 5thDual Kevin – 7th

The Competition Begins Next Thursday!

The teams are all set and the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 competition is ready to begin!  Tune in next Thursday to watch the next exciting episode featuring the hosting talents of Rip and play-by-play commentary by Tasty Steve, Rynge and Vicious.

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