We are at the halfway point of the regular season and the pressure is increasing on each team to earn every point. Only the top four teams will move on to the Playoffs and get a shot at earning some of the $75,000 prize pool that is up for grabs.

The first of this week’s Team Battles was RED ROOSTER as the home team facing off against PANDA GLOBAL. Both teams are sporting a 1-3 record but PANDA GLOBAL sits at third place while RED ROOSTER is in last place. The difference is that all of PANDA GLOBAL’s losses have been extremely close while RED ROOSTER’s three straight losses have not. In all three cases only Ajax Fidelity has been winning his matches. The result is a massive 50 point gap between the two teams despite both teams having the same record. RED ROOSTER not only needed to start winning, but they needed to win big to make up points.

ENDEMIC as the home team takes on CL GAMING as the second Team Battle with both teams chasing NASR X BANDITS in first place. CL GAMING was in second place and ENDEMIC only 10 points behind in third place. Both teams are in strong positions on the standings right now but cannot afford to take a big loss and risk dropping in the standings.

If you missed any of season 5 and want to get caught up before reading further, check out the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US Season 5 Archive or the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel’s STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US Season 5 video playlist for the full episodes. 


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) JB (Rashid), 2) Nephew (Kolin), 3) Punk (Ken), SUB) Kami

RED ROOSTER desperately needed a big win this week and they came through with a tremendous win against PANDA GLOBAL 30-10. It did not start out well for the team with JB’s Rashid getting a convincing win against HotDog29’s M.Bison in the first match 2-0. JB’s Rashid did a tremendous amount of damage to M.Bison with throws in this match, not only in the corner but pretty much everywhere. JB made it very difficult for HotDog29 to get out of the corner, inflicting tremendous damage.

Things took a turn in the next match with Mono’s F.A.N.G. winning 2-1 against Nephew’s Kolin. Both players are at the top of their class with their respective characters but here Mono did a great job of using F.A.N.G.’s deceptive normals and cloud to make it difficult for Kolin to get in while also consistently keeping her poisoned. Nephew had a very strong win in game two to tie it up but the last game was mostly in Mono’s control until F.A.N.G. chased Kolin down and landed the final blow.

The star of this Team Battle and one of the biggest surprise sensations of season five is Ajax Fidelity. Few were surprised when he was the player RED ROOSTER sent in to face off against Punk’s Ken in the anchor position. Ajax Fidelity, a virtual unknown before this season of STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE, came into this match and once more delivered an astonishing win for his team. As the away team Punk had to choose his character before the Team Battle and while his Ken did well against Ed in the first match he still lost the first game.

After this game Punk switched to Karin, his tried and true main character that has delivered him so many victories in the past. The second game with Karin went better for Punk but it was still very close. The fast walk and dash speed and ability to do high damage combos from a single confirmed hit make her a dangerous character even without being controlled by one of the best players in the world. Ajax Fidelity, for his part, managed to contest every round so that he was always within striking distance of winning. Punk won the second game but Ajax Fidelity would go on to win the next two in a row to win 3-1. Ajax Fidelity remains undefeated this season and has taken down some of the best players out there. This win moved RED ROOSTER from last place all the way to fourth place and ahead of PANDA GLOBAL due to tie-breakers, which is a huge boost for the team. It also breaks their losing streak which will help their confidence in the next Team Battle.

1JBPANDA GLOBALRashiddefeatedHotDog29RED ROOSTERM.Bison2-0
2MonoRED ROOSTERF.A.N.G.defeatedNephewPANDA GLOBALKolin2-1
3Ajax FidelityRED ROOSTEREddefeatedPunkPANDA GLOBALKen, Karin3-1


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) Samurai (Luke), 2) Filipinoman (Rose), 3) ChrisCCH (Luke), SUB) Justakid

This was the first rematch Team Battle of season five and we have now officially crossed over the halfway point. In their first meeting CL GAMING narrowly came out on top 25-20 with a thrilling win by ChrisCCH over iDom in the tie-breaker game. Here in the runback ENDEMIC gets its revenge in the biggest possible way, earning a 3-0 clean sweep. ENDEMIC used their home team advantage to great effect in this Team Battle as all three of the matches were firmly in their control. Even the first match between Shine’s Cody and Samurai’s Luke, which was CL GAMING’s best showing of the Team Battle, was in Shine’s control for most of its duration ending in a 2-1 win. GamerBee’s Lucia made very short work of Filipinoman’s Rose in the second match 2-0. Lucia seemed to be a great counterpick to Rose as GamerBee was regularly able to get around Filipinoman’s zoning attempts to get in close for big damage combos.

In the anchor match it was once again ChrisCCH’s Luke going up against iDom. iDom had selected Poison as his starting character prior to the Team Battle and ChrisCCH’s Luke dominated that first game, getting Poison into the corner and keeping her there while inflicting big damage. iDom switched to Laura in the second game and from that point on it was all iDom. ChrisCCH found it difficult to find an opening in iDom’s defense while Laura regularly did so, putting ChrisCCH into Laura’s punishing counter-hit and throw mixups that she is famous for. iDom cruised to an easy 3-1 win to give ENDEMIC a huge 40-0 victory in the Team Battle.

1ShineENDEMICCodydefeatedSamuraiCL GAMINGLuke2-1
2GamerBeeENDEMICLuciadefeatedFilipinomanCL GAMINGRose2-0
3iDomENDEMICPoison, LauradefeatedChrisCCHCL GAMINGLuke3-1


There were a lot of big shifts in the standings after this week’s Team Battles. ENDEMIC moved from third place to first with the huge win against CL GAMING, pushing NASR X BANDITS to second place. CL GAMING falls to third place. RED ROOSTER jumped two spots from sixth place to fourth with PANDA GLOBAL dropping a spot to fifth and UYU to sixth.


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