STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 Season 2, Episode 11: Week Eleven Recap

It’s the last week of Team Battles for season two with the top four teams moving on to the playoffs next week. The top two teams go into the playoffs in the Winners bracket and the bottom two in the Losers bracket. Team GALE is secure in its first place position but we have a three way tie for second place going into this week with tie-breakers determining the standings. The Team Battles this week will determine who will get that coveted second place to join GALE in the Winners bracket. Here’s a recap of this week’s episode!

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Team INFERNO defeats Team SPIRIT 3-1

Result from Battle in Week 6: INFERNO defeats SPIRIT 3-2, character bans: Rashid and Laura

The first Team Battle this week was between Punk’s Team INFERNO and CJ Truth’s Team SPIRIT. INFERNO is one of three teams in a tight race to earn second place in the standings to start the playoffs next week in Winners. Team SPIRIT, out of contention for the playoffs at fifth place, had an opportunity to ruin INFERNO’s chances.

CJ Truth and the rest of SPIRIT gave a valiant effort at doing just that this week. Despite some of those scores seen below, each player on the team fought hard and all of those match-ups were incredibly close. They were very exciting matches to watch but SPIRIT just could not close the deal against JB’s Rashid and Punk’s Karin.

Character Bans: Poison and Cammy

INFERNOJBRashiddefeated SPIRITiDomLaura2-0
INFERNOPunkKarindefeated SPIRITCJ TruthKolin2-1

Team STORM defeats Team PSYCHO 3-1

Result from Battle in Week 6: STORM defeats PSYCHO 3-1, character bans: R.Mika and Balrog

Smug’s Team PSYCHO, like SPIRIT, is out of playoff contention and can only play the role of spoiler this week. This week they faced off against 801 Strider’s Team STORM. STORM is currently in second place but their hold on that position is tenuous. After their loss to GALE last week STORM is holding on by the slimmest of margins with tie-breakers in matches won and rounds one making the difference. STORM not only needed a win this week, they needed as many match and round wins as possible.

STORM would come through with a 3-1 win over Team PSYCHO to clinch the incredibly important second place position on the standings to start in the Winners bracket next week.

Character Bans: G and Dhalsim

STORMMo-JoeR.Mikadefeated PSYCHODankadillasUrien2-0
STORMTommy2StepUriendefeated PSYCHOSmugBalrog2-1
PSYCHOAutomattockSagatdefeated STORM801 StriderLucia2-1
STORMMo-JoeR.Mikadefeated PCYCHOAutomattockSagat2-0

Team GALE defeats Team FROST 3-1

Result from Battle in Week 6: FROST defeats GALE 3-1, character bans: Ibuki and Akuma

NuckleDu’s Team GALE, solidly on top in the standings, had little to lose this week but they didn’t show any signs of letting their foot off the gas. They finished out the final week of the regular season with a 3-1 win over Dual Kevin’s Team FROST. Back in week six FROST handed GALE its first loss of the season, one of their only two, but could not duplicate that success in the runback.

With the bans of Rashid and G, Dual Kevin’s main and secondary character were both banned this week so he used Ryu. It was fun to watch but it was no match for RobTV’s Karin. Once again it came down to Samurai to save FROST from defeat. Samurai’s Akuma beat NuckleDu’s Nash but was eliminated in a close match against RobTV.

Character Bans: Rashid and G

GALERobTVKarindefeated FROSTDual KevinRyu2-0
GALEShineIbukidefeated FROSTSherryjenixNecalli2-0
FROSTSamuraiAkumadefeated GALENuckleDuNash2-1

Team Standings

GALE will finish the regular season at the top of the standings with an impressive record of 8-2. Team STORM holds on to the incredibly important second place spot due to tie-breakers with a 6-4 record. INFERNO, also with a 6-4 record, is at third place. Team FROST rounds out the top 4 for the playoffs at fourth place with a 5-5 record. In the last two spots are SPIRIT with a 3-7 record and PSYCHO with a 2-8 record.

Playoff Standings

The top four teams move on to the playoffs with the top two starting in the Winners bracket and the bottom two starting in the Losers bracket. Teams GALE and STORM will start next week’s playoffs in the Winners bracket while INFERNO and FROST start on the Losers side.

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