STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 Season 1, Episode 8: Week Eight Recap

Week eight for the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 has been a exciting one with a big shake-up in the standings. Team STORM’s Samurai finally had his main character banned in an attempt to stop his rampage but with dire consequences for his team’s opponents, NuckleDu makes a surprise character pick in the battle beteen GALE and FROST and SPIRIT’s Brian_F shines against Team PSYCHO. Here’s a recap of this week’s episode!

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Result from Battle in Week 3: SPIRIT defeats PSYCHO 3-2, character bans: M.Bison and Karin

Character Bans: M.Bison and Menat

Both teams in this battle occupied the bottom two spots on the standings at 1-5 so a win was incredibly important to begin a turnaround. Team SPIRIT’s Brian_F started off round one by defeating Team PSYCHO’s JustAKid 2-0. PSYCHO team captain Toi, continuing to wield a proficient Birdie as a secondary, defeated SPIRIT’s Psycho 2-1 in round two. PSYCHO’s El Chakotay and his R.Mika defeated SPIRIT team captain Justin Wong’s Karin in round three 2-1, leaving Brian_F alone on Team SPIRIT. Brian_F and his Balrog effortlessly transitioned between patient defense and savage offense and would go on to defeat PSYCHO’s Toi (2-0) and El Chakotay (2-0) to claim victory for Team SPIRIT.

PSYCHOEl ChakotayR.MikadefeatedSPIRITJustin WongKarin2-1
SPIRITBrian_FBalrogdefeatedPSYCHOEl ChakotayR.Mika2-0


Result from Battle in Week 3: FROST defeats GALE 3-2, character bans: Ibuki and Kolin

Character Bans: Kolin and Ibuki

GALE team captain NuckleDu started things off by selecting Nash as his character; a move almost nobody saw coming. It wasn’t easy but he defeated FROST’s Dual Kevin in the first round 2-1 in a come from behind win. Team FROST came back with a vengeance with UpToSnuff beating Shine 2-0 and team captain Nephew defeating RobTV 2-1. The battle between UpToSnuff’s Necalli and NuckleDu’s Nash was an incredibly close one that came down to the final round of the last match but in the end UpToSnuff eliminated NuckleDu 2-1.

GALENuckleDuNashdefeatedFROSTDual KevinRashid2-1


Result from Battle in Week 3: INFERNO defeats STORM 3-1, character bans: Laura and Karin

Character Bans: Akuma and Karin

The battle between Team INFERNO and STORM was full of twists and turns. To start things off, INFERNO team captain Punk chose to ban Akuma to slow down Samurai, who has carried Team STORM on his back to all four of their wins to this point. This choice meant that STORM team captain iDom would finally be able to use his main character, Laura! iDom would first unleash Laura on JB in round one, easily besting him 2-0. At this point Punk revealed an unusual strategy by picking Chun-Li as his main character, thereby denying the character to his teammate BrolyLegs. Punk would beat STORM’s Clasico 2-0 in round two. BrolyLegs and Samurai both played with secondary characters, using M.Bison and Sagat respectively, with Samurai coming out on top in a very close 2-0 match. In round three the two team captains faced off and iDom’s Laura was just too much for Punk’s Chun-Li to handle, winning 2-0. If you watched the episode you saw the stunning skill that iDom exhibited with Laura, which puts future opposing teams in a dilemma. Do they ban iDom’s Laura or Samurai’s Akuma?



This week’s team battles had a big impact on the team standings. Team STORM’s win over Team INFERNO puts them in first place with both teams holding a 5-2 record. Team FROST’s win puts them in third place and Team GALE in fourth with both at 4-3. In fifth place is Team SPIRIT with a 2-5 record and in sixth place is Team PSYCHO at 1-6. What’s exciting is that there is only a one game difference between the top 4 spots, so next week’s battles could possibly shake things up even more.


Tune in next Thursday to watch the next exciting episode featuring the hosting talents of Rip and play-by-play commentary by Tasty Steve, Rynge and Vicious.