STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: World Championship 2019 Recap

The finale for season two of the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE, the World Championship 2019, is here! This is the SFL: 2019 US vs Japan Finals where the top two teams from STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US face off against the top two teams from STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-Japan! For the USA we have NuckleDu’s Team GALE and Dual Kevin’s Team FROST. Representing Japan is Mago’s Team MAGO SCARLET and Nemo’s Team NEMO AURORA! Here’s a recap of the event!

In the World Championship 2019 there is also a new wrinkle to the rules. The ability for each team to ban a character is still in effect but now there is a Shield rule where one character can be protected from a ban. These picks are made blind. If a character ban was successfully shielded by the opposing team another character ban can be selected.

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Character Bans and Shields: Team FROST bans Ibuki and Shields Rashid. Team GALE bans Akuma and Shields G.

The first Team Battle of the event was between the two teams from the US, Dual Kevin’s Team FROST and NuckleDu’s Team GALE. GALE’s RobTV’s Karin won in the first round in an exciting match against Sherryjennix’s Necalli 2-0.

The two captains faced off next. Dual Kevin’s Rashid came on strong against NuckleDu’s Guile winning the first game and the first round of the second with big jump-ins and offensive pressure. NuckleDu adapted his play, slowing down the game. Dual Kevin was one round away from winning the match twice but NuckleDu persevered with a 2-1 win.

Samurai played anchor position for Team FROST once again and for good reason, having wiped the entire opposing team many times over the course of two seasons. With Akuma banned, Samurai would rely on Ryu against Shine. Shine, his primary Ibuki also banned, brought out Lucia to face him. This incredible match had a lot of back and forth with momentum shifting multiple times. It would come down to the very last round and both players having a sliver of health remaining but Shine landed the final blow to win 2-1. Team GALE will move on to the Finals.

GALENuckleDuGuiledefeatedFROSTDual KevinRashid2-1


Character Bans and Shields: Mago Scarlet bans Urien and Nemo Aurora bans Chun-Li.

With the US team decided for the Finals it is now time to determine the representative from Japan. The two top placing teams from Japan are MAGO SCARLET, consisting of Mago, Machabo and Yuji and NEMO AURORA, with Nemo, Kichipa-mu and John Takeuchi.

The first round was between John Takeuchi’s Rashid and and Yuji’s Karin. It was an exciting match with lots of back and forth but John Takeuchi scored the first win of the Team Battle for NEMO AURORA 2-1.

The two team captains faced off next with Nemo, using Kolin, doing battle against Mago’s Karin. Once again it was a close match between these two veteran players and it would go down to the final round to decide. Mago got the last hit to get on the scoreboard for his team 2-1.

Next up was Kichipa-mu, using Zangief, versus Machabo using Necalli. Kichipa-mu’s Zangief is one of the scariest in the world but in this match he couldn’t get anything going as Machabo defeated him with a clean 2-0 score.

Only John Takeuchi remained for NEMO AURORA and he would face Mago. John Takeuchi won the first game pretty convincingly. John Takeuchi would get within one round of winning the Team Battle in the second game but Mago took the last two games to win 2-1.

NEMO AURORAJohn TakeuchiRashiddefeatedMAGO SCARLETYujiKarin2-1
MAGO SCARLETMagoKarindefeatedNEMO AURORANemoKolin2-1
MAGO SCARLETMachaboNecallidefeatedNEMO AURORAKichipa-muZangief2-0
MAGO SCARLETMagoKarindefeatedNEMO AURORAJohn TakeuchiRashid2-1


Character Bans and Shields: Team GALE bans Chun-Li and Shields G and MAGO SCARLET bans Karin and Shields Necalli.

In the Grand Finals for the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: World Championship 2019 was NuckleDu’s Team GALE from the USA and Mago’s Team MAGO SCARLET from Japan.

Team GALE’s Shine, finally able to use his Ibuki, was matched up against MAGO SCARLET’s Yuji, using Karin, in the first round. Shine came out swinging and defeated Yuji with a very quick 2-0.

Next up was GALE’s RobTV, using Guile due to the Karin ban, against the legendary Mago who used Karin. Mago answers back for his team with a quick victory of his own 2-0 over RobTV.

Round three was between the three team anchors with NuckleDu, using G, facing off against Machabo’s Necalli. NuckleDu’s G was able to inflict good damage but Machabo made the clutch plays necessary to win, defeating NuckleDu with a Critical Art with a 2-0 score.

Team GALE’s hopes rested with its only remaining player, Shine. Shine’s Ibuki is one of the world’s best but he faced Mago, one of Japan’s legendary Street Fighter players. Shine had a brief moment of momentum with his win in round two of the second game but Mago seemed almost psychic in virtually this entire machup, quickly dispatching Shine 2-0. Team MAGO SCARLET is the winner of the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: World Championship 2019!

GALEShineIbukidefeatedMAGO SCARLETYujiKarin2-0
MAGO SCARLETMagoKarindefeatedGALERobTVGuile2-0
MAGO SCARLETMachaboNecallidefeatedGALENuckleDuG2-0
MAGO SCARLETMagoKarindefeatedGALEShineIbuki2-0


Team MAGO SCARLET is victorious and has earned the title of the first STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE World Champions! They will take home the first place prize of $90,000. NuckleDu’s Team GALE is to be commended for another great season and will come in 2nd place, taking home $24,000.

SEE YOU IN 2020!

The second season of STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2019 is in the books! At the end of the event it was announced that the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE will be back again in 2020 for more exciting action with new players and teams! Stay tuned for more information!