The first Team Battle this week was RED ROOSTER as the home team taking on CL GAMING. RED ROOSTER had a very close loss against ENDEMIC last week which was decided by an epic match between HotDog29 and iDom that couldn’t have been much closer. CL GAMING came into this week after a close Team Battle in week three against NASR X BANDITS which climaxed with a thrilling battle between AngryBird and ChrisCCH. The next Team Battle this week was ENDEMIC, who played thier fifth Team Battle in as many weeks, as the home team taking on UYU, who came into this week hot off a win last week against PANDA GLOBAL.

If you missed any of season 5 and want to get caught up before reading further, check out the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US Season 5 Archive or the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel’s STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US Season 5 video playlist for the full episodes. 


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) Justakid (Juri), 2) Samurai (Luke), 3) ChrisCCH (Luke), SUB) Filipinoman

For the first match RED ROOSTER chose to send in HotDog29 and his M.Bison against Justakid’s Juri. Justakid last played in week one where he beat Shine’s Cody 2-1 while HotDog29 came off a nailbiter of a match in the anchor position last week against iDom. HotDog29 won a hard fought first game using M. Bison’s oppressive normals, slides and scissor kicks but Justakid came back with some great use of V-Shift to escape danger while making some great reads. He would go on to win the next two games to close out the match 2-1 and give CL GAMING the early lead.

Up next it was Samurai using Luke going up against Ajax Fidelity’s Ed. Ajax Fidelity has made quite an impression this season with both of his matches going into this week being wins against seasoned opponents. Samurai’s Luke had a lot of trouble dealing with Ed’s smothering offense, especially when trapped in the corner. The first game would narrowly go to Samurai but the combination of Ed’s Flicker offense and Ajax Fidelity’s ability to sniff out and punish Samurai’s several attempts to EX uppercut after a knockdown led to two straight wins for the newcomer. Ajax Fidelity would win 2-1 to tie up the Team Battle at 10-10.

ChrisCCH has demonstrated how incredible he is as a player so far in season 5 with his prior matches against iDom in week one and AngryBird in week three being sensational. In both of those matches he was in the high pressure anchor position and he does so again here with his Luke. RED ROOSTER sent in Mono with his F.A.N.G., hoping the tricky character in the capable hands of Mono can overcome the powerful Luke.

ChrisCCH’s previous matches this season were won by slim margins but that was not the case here. His Luke put on the pressure and kept it on, not allowing F.A.N.G. to play his keepaway game. ChrisCCH would even walk straight through F.A.N.G.’s poison fireball to keep the pressure on, not allowing the poison to be much of factor throughout the match. He would go on to win this one with a clean 3-0, looking very comfortable throughout it all. CL GAMING won the Team Battle 30-10.

1JustakidCL GAMINGJuridefeatedHotDog29RED ROOSTERM. Bison2-1
2Ajax FidelityRED ROOSTEREddefeatedSamuraiCL GAMINGLuke2-1
3ChrisCCHCL GAMINGLukedefeatedMonoRED ROOSTERF.A.N.G.3-0


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) NL (Luke), 2) JB (Rashid), 3) Punk (Luke), SUB) Kami

This Team Battle between ENDEMIC and UYU started off with a thriller as NuckleDu took on NL in the first match. NuckleDu elected to use G against NL’s Luke. At first NL had the advantage, making some great jump-ins and using neutral jumps to good effect to avoid attacks and to go into a punish. NL would go on to comfortably win the first game but NuckleDu adapted and was able to make some great reads, inflicting the devastating juggle combos that G is known for. The match ultimately came down to the last round but NuckleDu would jump over an all-or-nothing Critical Art attempt by NL to win 2-1.

The action in this Team Battle carried into the second match as GamerBee stepped in with his Lucia to take on DCQ’s Urien. DCQ came into this after an absolutely stunning upset win against Punk last week but this one would prove to be more problematic. DCQ was an unknown quantity as a player until last week but the Lucia character used by GamerBee is not often seen in top level play. This match was very back and forth with DCQ trying to lock GamerBee down with Urien’s knee pressure and far reaching normals while Lucia worked to get her high hit-counter combos going. Neither player had any kind of sustained momentum as they traded wins. In the end DCQ would V-Shift to dodge an attack to finish Lucia in the corner to tie up the Team Battle score.

Once again ENDEMIC would send in iDom in the anchor position, this time facing off against Xian. iDom used the tricky and brutal Laura against Xian’s big combo Seth in this final match of the Team Battle. Xian won the first game with relative ease but iDom came right back with a quick win of his own to tie it up. From the third game on things settled into a much more back and forth situation with Xian making good use of Seth’s V-Trigger in corner situations while iDom tried to get in close to start his clap/throw/command grab setups. iDom would go on to win the next two games to finish the match 3-1 and deliver a 30-10 victory for ENDEMIC.



As week five comes to a close here are the current standings. ENDEMIC keeps the top spot with their win this week but the rest of the pack isn’t far behind.


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