There have been a several shakeups in the standings in the previous few weeks as the six teams continue to compete for a spot in the playoffs. NASR X BANDITS has established itself in first place and has earned a comfortable lead over second place but it’s not over yet. Season five’s format change means that wins and losses are far less important and instead it’s all about points. So far this season there have been only a few 40-0 clean sweep wins which results in a standings where even NASR X BANDITS is not completely safe.

The first of this week’s Team Battles was between NASR X BANDITS as the home team and CL GAMING as the away team. NASR X BANDITS took its first loss of the season against ENDEMIC last week, proving that they are not invincible. CL GAMING came into this week having lost two Team Battles in a row and on the bubble in fourth place.

UYU as the home team took on ENDEMIC as the away team in the second Team Battle. UYU has been on a roll lately, moving up from sixth to third place on the standnigs in recent weeks. ENDEMIC has also been on a hot streak, winning their last four Team Battles and came into this week in second place.

If you missed any of season 5 and want to get caught up before reading further, check out the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US Season 5 Archive or the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel’s STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US Season 5 video playlist for the full episodes. 


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) Justakid (Juri), 2) Samurai (Luke), 3) MenaRD (Luke), SUB) Filipinoman

NASR X BANDITS puts up another magnificent performance in this Team Battle, defeating CL GAMING 40-0. With the home team advantage, NASR X BANDITS was able to pick their matchups and they did so with great effect this week.

This was not the runaway that you might think if you just looked at the scoreboard. In the first match between Caba’s Guile and Justakid’s Juri almost every round was close. In the last round of the match Justakid had a nice run to get a life lead but Caba came back and closed it out. The second match between AngryBird’s Ken and Samurai’s Luke was similarly heavily contested. AngryBird did a good job of finding enough openings in Samurai’s defense to exploit for big damage. The most heavily contested match of this Team Battle was between MenaRD and ChrisCCH in the Luke mirror-match was very back and forth but MenaRD used Luke’s ranged attacks to keep ChrisCCH at a distance to stifle his offense. MenaRD also made some very effective Critical Arts to get early life leads in some rounds. While most of these matches were close MenaRD did end it with an appropriate perfect round.

NASR X BANDITS earns another 40-0 win this sason and extends their lead over second place. For CL GAMING this is their third loss in a row and getting no points this week really hurt. With this week’s result the difference between fouth place and sixth place is only twenty points.

1CabaNASR X BANDITSGuiledefeatedJustakidCL GAMINGJuri2-0
2AngryBirdNASR X BANDITSKendefeatedSamuraiCL GAMINGLuke2-0


Away Team Player and Character Order: 1) GamerBee (Lucia), 2) Shine (Cody), 3) iDom (Laura), SUB) NuckleDu

This Team Battle between UYU and ENDEMIC was a close one that came down to a tie-breaker match to decide. UYU was in control of the first two matches but suffered a reverse in the third match against iDom. In the first match GamerBee’s Lucia with her big damage combos was able to take an early lead over NL’s Luke. NL was able to slow the game down in game two which seemed to be in Luke’s favor against Lucia and was able to win the next two games to come out on top 2-1.

In the next match it was Xian’s Seth going in against Shine’s Ibuki. On paper this should have been in Xian’s favor as he basically put Ibuki on the map a few seasons ago in the Capcom Pro Tour. While he did go on to win against Shine’s Ibuki in game one both rounds were incredibly close. Shine didn’t feel confident enough in his Ibuki to continue and changed to Cody for the second game. This one was more one-sided in Xian’s favor with Shine’s Cody not having a lot of success avoiding Seth’s offense.

Once again it was up to iDom to step in at the anchor position to turn things around. iDom was responsible for the win last week against NASR X BANDITS and he did the same here against UYU. Oil King and his Seth stepped forward to take on iDom’s Laura. The first two games were back and forth with iDom winning the first game and Oil King making a comeback to win the second game. From game three on you could feel iDom getting more confident as the match went on as he was able to get Oil King’s Seth into more and more throw setups and put the character into dizzy. iDom won the next two games to give his team 20 points to tie up the Team Battle.

It came down to the one game tie-breaker match and ENDEMIC wisely kept iDom in to represent their team. UYU decided to send in DCQ, who has had a lot of success in these high pressure situations this season despite not having a lot of experience with them prior to STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE. iDom decided to bring out his Poison against DCQ’s Urien and it turned out to be a great choice. DCQ won the game’s second round with several great reads and a clutch mirror-combo but the final round was very one sided. For most of the round DCQ stayed around full screen distance and hesitated for long periods seemingly unsure of how to approach against Poison’s incredibly far reaching normals. iDom went on to win to give ENDEMIC the 25-20 win.

For both teams this close Team Battle didn’t have much impact on the standings as ENDEMIC in second place retains a sizable lead over UYU in third place. This week’s first Team Battle between NASR X BANDITS and CL GAMING was more influential as CL GAMING’s getting no points extends the lead between the top and bottom three on the standings.

3iDomENDEMICLauradefeatedOil KingUYUSeth3-1


This week there are no changes in position but the wins by NASR X BANDITS and ENDEMIC put more distance between them and teams lower on the standings. CL GAMING not earning any points this week was a big blow as they fall further behind UYU and are only twenty points ahead of PANDA GLOBAL and RED ROOSTER.


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