We are into week twelve of STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE season four and the standings are incredibly close. Team NASR is solidly in first place but after that it’s anyone’s game. The difference between second place and fifth place is just a single game and sixth place is back only two. Time is running out, however, with only a few weeks remaining before the Playoffs. Only four teams will move on to the Playoffs to compete for a shot at attending the Finals which take place at Capcom Cup VIII in February. The first Team Battle this week was BANDITS taking on PANDA GLOBAL. Next up we had UYU facing off against NORDAVIND.


If you missed any of season four and want to get caught up before reading further, check out the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2020 Season 4 Archive or the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel’s STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US Season 4 video playlist for the full episodes. 


Banned Characters: Karin and Birdie

MenaRD’s Team BANDITS came into this week in fifth place. That’s not an ideal position but because of how close the standings are they were only one game back from second place. Punk’s PANDA GLOBAL shares the same 3-4 record with BANDITS with tie-breakers putting them just ahead. Punk’s various teams over his STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE career are used to winning so being on the bubble this late in the season is not something he’s accustomed to.

The first meeting between these two teams was a close one with PANDA GLOBAL coming out on top but the rematch was incredibly one-sided. PANDA GLOBAL cruised through with a clean 3-0 against BANDITS this week. PANDA GLOBAL’s players looked relaxed and confident throughout, joking with each other between matches. Some of the matches were closer than they look with Nephew’s Kolin and Caba’s Guile being fairly close. The Cammy mirror match between Venatori and Justin Wong was interesting to watch because Justin Wong is not known to have any significant experience with the character and still came out on top.

MenaRD is a Capcom Cup Champion and is no stranger to high pressure situations and it was all on him as the last player standing for BANDITS. His first opponent would be against fellow team captain Punk. Both players know multiple characters at a high level but Punk’s Akira pick was a surprise. MenaRD went with his Sakura, a character he has had a lot of success with this season. As you would expect this was a high tempo match as both characters have very fast walk speeds and can put up big damage combos. MenaRD started with a strong win in the first round but after that the momentum slowly shifted, with Punk just making more big reads. Punk would come out on top 2-0.

This was a big win for PANDA GLOBAL not only because it helps strengthen their position in the top four but also because it was a 3-0 and all matchups were with 2-0 scores, which may be very important if it comes down to tie-breakers. BANDITS will get a chance to turn things around as they take on NORDAVIND next week.

NephewPANDA GLOBALKolindefeatedCabaBANDITSGuile2-0
Justin WongPANDA GLOBALCammydefeatedVenatoriBANDITSCammy2-0
PunkPANDA GLOBALAkiradefeatedMenaRDBANDITSSakura2-0


Banned Characters: Karin and Rashid

Last week Veggey’s Team NORDAVIND got an absolutely monster win against first place NASR and came in to this week sitting in third place with a 3-3 record. The team got a tremendous boost with Luffy finally being allowed to play is main character, R. Mika, after being banned for most of the first half of the season. They come into this week full power and full of momentum. For Oil King’s UYU in last place at 2-5 they couldn’t afford to lose any Team Battles.

Both teams left everything on the playfield in this Team Battle with it going down to the very last round. The first matchup between Phenom and NL was a rough start for UYU with Phenom using Cammy in a mirror match. For the second time this week the player who mains Cammy was beaten by their own character with Phenom getting the win 2-0. For UYU the heavy lifting was done by Oil King, with his Seth eliminating Veggey 2-1 and Phenom’s Cammy 2-9 before being narrowly beaten by Luffy. This Team Battle shows how much of a boost Luffy being able to use his R. Mika was to NORDAVIND. Luffy beat both of UYU’s Seths with a 2-0 win against Kami and finally a 2-1 over Oil King to secure the Team Battle victory.

This one was a nail-biter but NORDAVIND gets the 3-2 win. With the standings being this close it is another big one as it moves them into second place over VODAFONE GIANTS. For UYU they fall to 2-6 and they really need to win every Team Battle for the rest of the season to have any chance at top four. This season has been full of twists and turns though and with the standings being so close this season anything can happen.

Oil KingUYUSethdefeatedVeggeyNORDAVINDBirdie2-1
LuffyNORDAVINDR. MikadefeatedKamiUYUSeth2-0
Oil KingUYUSethdefeatedPhenomNORDAVINDCammy2-0
LuffyNORDAVINDR. MikadefeatedOil KingUYUSeth2-1


NASR is still the king at first place with a 7-2 record but NORDAVIND moves up to second place at 4-3. VODAFONE GIANTS is in third place due to tie-breakers over PANDA GLOBAL in fourth place with both at 4-4. BANDITS stays in fifth place at 3-5 and UYU falls farther behind in sixth place at 2-6.



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