Season four of STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE continues to deliver some of the best Street Fighter V: Champion Edition competition out there with yet more exciting Team Battles this week. First up in the order we have NASR facing off against NORDAVIND. Both teams came into this week tied at 1-1 but one is coming off a win in week two and the other a loss last week. Following that up was a real stunner with VODAFONE GIANTS, who led in the standings at 2-0, going head to head against BANDITS, fighting in their second Team Battle of the season.


If you missed any of season four and want to get caught up before reading further, check out the STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US 2020 Season 4 Archive or the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel’s STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: Pro-US Season 4 video playlist for the full episodes. 


Banned Characters: Rashid and R.Mika

This Team Battle was the first tie-breaker of the season with both NASR and NORDAVIND with a 1-1 record coming in. AngryBird’s NASR lost a close one against PANDA GLOBAL but bounced back in week two with a convincing win over UYU. Veggey’s NORDAVIND handed BANDITS their first loss that same week but themselves lost a close Team Battle to UYU last week. Going into this Team Battle NASR opted to ban Luffy’s R. Mika while NORDAVIND denied Big Bird the use of Rashid.

NASR went on to get a clean 3-0 team sweep this week against NORDAVIND. It was not an easy task as almost every match and most rounds were close. AngryBird’s Seth did a good job of stifling the offensive rhythm of Luffy’s Kolin using some excellent spacing and making some nice reads to win 2-0. Veggey’s Birdie came out swinging to take an early 1-0 lead against Big Bird’s Ken but some adjustments and some move advice from teammates helped Big Bird turn things around to win 2-1. Problem X kept his M.Bison on the back burner once again for this match against Phenom, opting for the big grappler Alex instead. Phenom went with the ever versatile Karin. The set between these two veteran players was a slow burner with both players being very careful throwing out moves as any mistake could lead to a big damage punish. This one went to the final round but Problem X ultimately came out on top 2-1.

NASR gets a big and decisive win here which gives the team momentum going into their next Team Battle. NORDAVIND took their second loss in as many weeks and will have to go back to the drawing board, dropping down to last place in the standings.

Big BirdNASRKendefeatedVeggeyNORDAVINDBirdie2-1
Problem XNASRAlexdefeatedPhenomNORDAVINDKarin2-1


Banned Characters: F.A.N.G. and Cammy

MenaRD’s BANDITS took a loss to NORDAVIND in week two but that has been their only Team Battle until now. This is the team’s second Team Battle so a win or a loss here will obviously have an impact on the team’s momentum. It’s a tough spot that their second battle will be against Infexious’ VODAFONE GIANTS, who were undefeated at 2-0 coming in. VODAFONE got a clean 3-0 win against UYU in week one and narrowly won an incredibly tough Team Battle against PANDA GLOBAL last week. VODAFONE GIANTS had a lot of momentum this week and looked like the team to beat so far this season. For this Team Battle VODAFONE GIANTS banned VegaPatch’s F.A.N.G. while BANDITS banned Venatori’s Cammy.

This was another thrilling Team Battle that would go the full five rounds to decide. BANDITS pulled off an absolutely incredible feat this week taking down VODAFONE GIANTS 3-2 in what can only be described as an upset. Caba’s Guile dispatched VegaPatch’s Juri in round one 2-0 which was not a surprise as VegaPatch’s Cammy was banned. It was in the second round between Infexious’ Zeku and Venatori’s Kage, which is his secondary character, where this Team Battle got very interesting as Venatori came within a single hit of taking out Infexious in the set’s final round.

With one player eliminated for each team it was time for MenaRD to face Mister Crimson’s Dhalsim in round three. MenaRD has many characters he can play at a high level and for this set he surprised many by picking Balrog. The choice worked well as MenaRD’s Balrog was able to use the character’s great offense and ability to do big damage to great effect, keeping Mister Crimson’s Dhalsim in the corner often. This one was another nail-biter that would come down to the final round but MenaRD landed the final blow to eliminate Mister Crimson.

Infexious was the last player standing for VODAFONE GIANTS this Team Battle was far from over. Infexious would take out Caba 2-0 in the next round, leaving a showdown between the captains to decide the winning team. Once again MenaRD’s Balrog was able to use that potent offensive potential to blunt Zeku’s gameplan, inflicting high damage combos to punish mistakes. Infexious did not look comfortable during this matchup and MenaRD would ultimately prevail 2-0.

This Team Battle was a real stunner as the last place BANDITS handed the first place VODAFONE GIANTS their first loss of the season. The energy was absolutely electric for BANDITS as the players not playing shouted encouragement and gave advice to the player currently in the hot seat. MenaRD and Team BANDITS demonstrated clearly here that they are not to be underestimated.

MenaRDBANDITSBalrogdefeatedMister CrimsonVODAFONEDhamsim2-1


Week four is in the books and the standings have been shaken up once again. NASR’s win this week boosts them up to first place with VODAFONE GIANTS’ upset loss dropping them to second place. BANDITS moves from last place to fourth place with their big win and NORDAVIND sinks to last place.



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