Street Fighter League is back with season three and the level of competition is higher than ever!  Six all new teams have been formed from many of the best Street Fighter V: Champion Edition players, not just from the US but for the first time from around the world!  Each three-person team is stacked with top-tier players including returning favorites from previous seasons as well as new players.  The team captains were selected based on leaderboard standings on the Capcom Pro Tour. 

After 15 weeks of fierce matches the finalists will advance to the World Finals to be held at Capcom Cup in early 2021 where they will face off against the finalists from Street Fighter League: Pro Japan!  Each weekly episode will feature two Team Battles and to kick things off for week one we have Team NASR versus UYU and ALPHA 3 against ALL-IN.


If you missed any of the previous seasons or the season three Pre-Season episodes and want to get caught up before reading further here is where you find it.  You can watch season one and two episodes right on this site by selecting PRO-US Season 1 or 2 on the top navigation bar then selecting each week using the Schedule Archives tab.  If you would like to catch up on season 3 Pre-Season episodes you will find them all on the Street Fighter League: Pro-US 2020 video playlist on the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel


Banned Characters: Akuma and Rashid

The first Team Battle of Season 3 was Big Bird’s Team NASR up against Oil King’s Team UYU and we could not have asked for a more exciting start!  Team UYU has two of the best Rashid players in the world in Oil King and JB and with the ban system in play they had to prove they could win without Rashid.  They had the opportunity in the very first Team Battle as NASR elected to ban Rashid.  Team NASR had two players impacted by bans as well as the Rashid ban forced Big Bird, who also mains Rashid, to use a secondary.  Team UYU aimed its ban pick squarely at Samurai, the come-from-behind king from previous seasons, by banning his Akuma. 

Samurai led the team order for Team NASR and faced Kami from Team UYU.  Samurai unveiled a new secondary character in Kage against Kami’s Seth.  Kami was able to stymie Samurai’s offense with great spacing and well-placed anti-air attacks and gave UYU the first win with a 2-0 score.   

Team NASR scored a win in the second match between NASR’s AngryBird and UYU’s JB to even the Team Battle score at 1-1.  JB used Poison as his secondary character against AngryBird’s secondary in Seth.  JB was able to steal some rounds with clutch Critical Arts but AngryBird won the match 2-0. 

The team captains were up next as Big Bird went up against Oil King.  The Rashid ban forced both players to use secondaries, so Big Bird selected G while Oil King used Seth.  Big Bird took the first game of the match but Oil King took the next two to give UYU the lead once again with a 2-1 win. 

AngryBird as the last player standing for Team NASR against two players in Kami and Oil King for Team UYU.  AngryBird, often with a look of grim determination, fought back to back Seth mirror matches.  He first defeated Kami 2-0 then came out on top over Oil King, also with a 2-0 score.  The 2-0 scores do not reflect the challenge AngryBird had to overcome as both rivals put up fierce fights. AngryBird pulled off the first OCV (One Character Victory) in season 3 and delivered the first Team Battle win for Team NASR. 

Oil KingUYUSethdefeatedBig BirdNASRG2-1
AngryBirdNASRSethdefeatedOil KingUYUSeth2-0


Banned Characters: G and Kolin

Punk’s Team ALPHA 3 faced iDom’s Team ALL-IN with both teams being mostly composed of players returning from previous seasons.  Only SKZ, hailing from Singapore, from Team ALL-IN was new.  Punk and 801 Strider were both team captains in previous seasons.  Punk led his Team INFERNO to victory in the Finals in season one but was eliminated in the playoffs in season two.  801 Strider led team STORM in season two and while they advanced farther than Punk’s INFERNO they were also defeated in the playoffs.   

801 Strider went first for Team ALL-IN against Nephew from Team ALPHA 3.  The main characters for both players, 801 Strider’s G and Nephew’s Kolin, were banned so both used secondary characters.  Nephew brought out the rarely seen Lucia against Urien for 801 Strider.  801 Strider’s Urien made a very strong first showing as he defeated Nephew 2-0. 

Up next in the order was Punk for ALPHA 3 versus newcomer SKZ for ALL-IN and it was a shocker.  Punk, with his Karin, was put off balance by SKZ’s Seth and could not establish the dominance for which he is well known.  SKZ won the first game you could see what looked like concern on Punk’s usually confident face before the next game began.  Punk came out strong in the first round but SKZ kept adapting his attack timing and had very good positioning.  SKZ won the next two rounds to win the second game and eliminate Punk. 

CJ Truth was the last remaining player for ALPHA 3 and he had a very tall mountain to climb.  To add to the stress, he faced none other than iDom, the current Capcom Cup Champion.  Surprisingly iDom opted against taking his Laura and instead used Poison, a secondary character he picked up last season.  It was a very intense match for both players but the pressure was mostly on CJ Truth as iDom still had backup if he lost.  It was a valiant effort from CJ Truth but iDom won the match 2-1.  Team ALL-IN got their first win of the season with a clean sweep! 

801 StriderALL-INUriendefeatedNephewALPHA 3Lucia2-0
SKZALL-INSethdefeatedPunkALPHA 3Karin2-0
iDomALL-INPoisondefeatedCJ TruthALPHA 3Cammy2-1


Teams NASR and ALL-IN both gain 1-0 records with their victories in week one.  Team UYU and ALPHA 3 both fall to 0-1.  It’s only the first week and we have 15 weeks of competition yet to go before a champion is crowned!   

ALPHA 30-1


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