Capcom to Host Street Fighter League: Pro-US 2019 Mid-Season Finals at CEO

Capcom today announced that the mid-season finals for the inaugural season of Street Fighter League Pro: US 2019 will be held Friday, June 28 at 5:00, PDT at CEO.

The Street Fighter League: Pro-US 2019 Mid-Season Final is the culmination of a double round robin tournament series featuring six teams and spanning 10 weeks of action. For the mid-season final, four teams will battle for a prize pool worth $57,000 with the top team taking $30,000. Second place will be awarded $15,000 and both third place teams will be awarded $6,000. Additionally, the two top teams will move to on to Season 2 where they will be joined by four new freshman teams.

Street Fighter League: Pro-US features 3-on-3 Street Fighter™ V: Arcade Edition team battles, with six teams formed from a mix of seasoned pros, online warriors and fan favorite players from the United States. The League features a unique to FGC “character ban” feature. At the start of each match, teams will have the opportunity to ban one character for the entirety of the match. Players must also choose different characters from their teammates for the duration of the match. The goal is for the teams to strategize the matchups in and out of game by working more closely as a team, especially if the best player may not necessarily get to play their best character exclusively.

Community Effort Orlando (CEO) started out as a combined effort by the Fighting Game Community in Orlando and the rest of the state of Florida. CEO’s Main Objective now is to bring together fans of the fighting game genre and gaming in general To Compete, Learn and Have Fun.

Street Fighter League: Pro-US 2019 is streamed weekly on Thursdays at 4:00 PDT on the Capcom Fighters channels:

The Street Fighter League: Pro-US 2019 Mid-Season Final will stream Friday, June 28th at 5:00 PDT from CEO.