wins loses win-percentage
matches 23 16 59%
games 55 42 57%


Based out of Singapore, Kun “Xian” Ho is a tournament veteran with many high placements at the world’s biggest events. In Street Fighter IV he was known for his Gen and became EVO 2016 Champion with the character. In Street Fighter V he made huge waves at Final Round 2017 with a stunning performance with Ibuki, starting a revolution that boosted the character’s popularity. Toward the end of Street Fighter V he moved to Seth. Over the years he has earned four appearances at Capcom Cup. He first joined SFL in season three and returned last season as part of Team UYU. In Street Fighter 6 he started using Dee Jay but now has added new character A.K.I..

Character Usage

Street Fighter 6


Dee Jay SF6

Street Fighter 5


Seth SF5